Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sweet little blessings...

Three days after the fire, we met with some friends.  Their daughter (5 years old) had a favorite toy, a Barbie Camper.  She knew Caroline had lost all of her favorite things, and so this little girl decided to give Caroline her Barbie Camper.  May I say for the record, Caroline plays with this every single day.

A girl from church donated a whole box of dress up clothes.  Caroline is so excited about them!  One of the things she talked about missing the most was her dress up clothes.  This was such a blessing to me, as a mommy who aches when her children ache.  We don't even know who you are. 

Yesterday, I received a package in the mail.  The package was filled with dresses in my size, and jewelry.  There was no return address or even a note inside.  This person knew there was a need, and sent it without getting the praise.  Whoever you are, I am grateful. 

Today, some sweet friends of ours came to visit.  My friend Julie is also a pastor's wife at a church in the metro area.  Our husbands have known each other a long time, but the two of us recently met through Scentsy.  She brought her three sweet, adorable kids to visit today.  The Lord must have known that I would need a friend today.  I had a really good, productive day.  My spirits were high and His joy was ever present in me today, but for some reason I just needed a hug.  Have you ever just needed a hug? 

Her visit was perfect timing.  Her sweet girls are about the same age as my two kiddos.  When they came in the door they were holding a sack with some goodies they brought for my kids.  The girls had picked some things out of their toy box from home, grabbed some change from their piggy banks, and came willing to give, wholeheartedly, to my children.  They also brought a deck of cards. The older of the two girls told Tobin, "We LOVE to play "Go Fish".  I thought you would like to play too."  How sweet is that?  Julie also brought me some Scentsy goodies. They are such a HUGE blessing, considering my whole business burned. 

Tonight I received a phone call from a sweet woman who lives in our town.  She said her name, and I immediately knew who she was, but was surprised at what I heard next.  She said she had something for us and wanted to stop by.  Honestly, I didn't know what to expect.  I thought maybe it would be a bag of clothes, or a piece of furniture.  She came to the front door and handed me an envelope.  She said her bible study had taken an offering for us.  The envelope was filled with gift cards and money.  I was absolutely blown away!  Someone who I know, but don't "really know", told our story to their friends (who we have never met) and put their resources together to bless our family beyond words. 

These are just a couple stories that I had to share tonight.  We have received boxes and bags of clothes, and toiletries, and cleaning supplies.  We have received free furniture, money, and gift cards from people we have never met.  I cannot believe that we get to witness little children and perfect strangers being the hands and feet of Christ.  What a true blessing it is, not just to receive, but to see others give. 

This whole process has been really hard for me.  I LOVE to GIVE.  It's one of the gifts that God has blessed me with.  I love to bless others.  It has been difficult for me to receive, but tonight God showed me something that he has been trying to show me the last two weeks.  These things are to bless us, but they are to bless HIS NAME more!  He needs to, and WILL get the Glory in all of this!

Psalm 105:1
Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.

Thanks to all that have listened to the Holy Spirit's whispers and have given in His name! We are so thankful!

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