Friday, August 31, 2012

LEGOLAND Trip Part two: Discovery Center & Rainforest Cafe

We got in line for LEGOLAND and the usher asked us if we had tickets, and what time our reservation was. We explained that our tickets were pre-purchased for us and we didn't know what time they were for.  She said, "OH, are you the Cobb Family?"  Tony and I looked at each other with a surprised look on our faces.  Then, she opened a VIP line and walked us to the entrance.  WHAT?!  Was this lady serious?  We were greeted with a smile and a man named Dave who was waiting for us.  He gave us an envelope and said, "If there is anything we can do for you today, please let us know."  

Look at the life-size Lego men hanging from the ceiling? Cool huh?

A "professor of operations" walked us into the "factory".  They showed us how Lego's are made. 

 Tobin was fascinated!  He is so curious about everything and this was right down his alley.

Next, we went to a ride.  We were Lego fighters and had to kill the bad Lego monsters to save the Princess!

 We were all excited about this!

 All the attractions had Lego men for pictures of what to do and what NOT to do on the rides.  I thought this was especially entertaining :)  I also think the little details were for the adults to enjoy. 
 Shooting the zombies!
 This one is hard to see, but it is our family on the ride, while shooting the bad guys! Ha!

There was a lot to do and see at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center.  We all loved the Lego room of the Dallas Metroplex.  Of course, it was all made out of Legos! Crazy!

Dallas Maverick's player, Dirk Nowitzki- life size Lego man.  Caroline apparently liked the dog better! Ha!
 Caroline's favorite part of our visit was the Lego Movie!  It was 4D. "What is 4D", you ask?  Oh, well that would mean that we actually experienced the weather in the movie!  When the helicopter took off, we felt a burst of wind.  When it rained or snowed, we felt it.  Literally, the kids were freaking out about the snow in the theater! When the big Lego Dinosaur spit at us, we felt that too. Yep, favorite part. Hilarious!

 Tobin actually got to drive a Lego Car.  Here is a photo, and a video for your enjoyment.  This was my favorite part, getting to watch him drive.  So fun!

People have asked us, "Was there anything for Caroline to enjoy at LegoLand?" She enjoyed it all, but girls are not left out of this fun place! That's right, there is a girl's castle and inside is Princess Karaoke and Princess Lego's.  So sweet!
 Can you see her little face peeking from behind the door?
 They have two different Lego Playgrounds for the kids to play on. She LOVED this!
 While Caroline and I hung out in the Princess Palace, Tobin and Tony built a car to race!

 He was proud of himself, and frustrated that I made him stop for a picture! Ha!
 In our enevelope was a ticket for Lunch! How exciting to eat at LegoLand!

 Even Tony had fun building Lego Forts!

 Look at the Stamp! Every little detail was taken care of!
 Legos in the fish tanks :)
 The Staff at LegoLand heard of our story and blessed the kids with backpacks full of treats! How special! Tony and I cried.  We could NOT believe it!

 After LegoLand we got on a Double-Decker firetruck stroller and walked to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner Reservations!
 (eating snacks on the way)

 Okay, can we just stop for a moment and check out this facial expression?  Does anyone else think this could win a photo contest? Ha!

 Okay, this expression is pretty priceless too!

After dinner we went back to the Hotel and crashed! What a fun and exciting day!  More pics to come later :)

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