Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Transition Time

We are in transition stages of moving. We are staying in the Oklahoma City area, but God is calling us to Lease out our house, and live like no one else... so we CAN live like no one else one day. With medical bills, and School debt, we need to make major sacrifices around here for a year and pay off debt and build up a legacy for our children. God has provided an amazing blessing, in the form of a (tiny) rent house (on 5 acres) out in a small town, just outside the Metro. (notice in the photo below... everything is packed up except the Scentsy warmer. Ha!)

We move on the 1st, and Tobin starts Pre-K the next week. I'm sure I'll be MIA around the blogosphere for a little while. Keep us in your prayers. Caroline went to sleep with 3 pacifier's tonight. She is so confused, and needs soothing, apparently. Tobin has been more emotional than I have ever seen him, this past week. They will adjust, eventually. When the move is over and we are somewhat settled, I'll tell the amazing story of this whole situation. God is truly performing miracles. All we are doing is obeying.

With the CRAZY HOT temps in OK, we are just trying to stay cool. Have a great last couple weeks of Summer! I'm ready for FALL!!!

So undeservedly blessed, Rachel

Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's gettin' HOT in HERE!

Summer is keepin us super busy! We have been in the car a lot, going to Frontie! On the few days that we ARE home, we like to play board games and watch movies :)

It has been over 100 degrees here for days and days and days. You think I'm exhagerating? I AM NOT! Today,it was 109, at 7:30 pm! CRAZY HOT! So, if we are outside, we are IN THE WATER! We have been spending at least one day a week at White Water Bay (a water park here in the Metro area). We have season passes, and are getting our money's worth!

Tobin is growing up, right before my eyes. I cannot believe he will be starting Pre-K soon! Caroline is still our princess, but oh ... so ... much... drama! She is sweet, but sassy. Oh my, we are in TROUBLE when she become a teenager, I can feel it!

(yes, that is chinese food boxes. Our church is serving popcorn in them for At The Movies this year, it is Kung Fu Panda themed lobby. Another reason we have been super busy)

We spent the 4th of July in the Heat, inviting people to church. It was one of the best "4th's" we have had as a family! We all wore matching green t-shirts, yes I said GREEN. We stood out, that's for sure! We LOVE our church, and it just opened a new kids wing this weekend! Another reason we have been somewhat busy lately. The kids wore their patriotic stuff the whole week before July 4th, since we weren't going to wear it on the day, itself :)

The t-shirts were only in adult sizes, so I made caroline a dress, and Tobin a shirt in his size. They were a hit!

My health has been better. My Thyroid is very disfuncitonal and my hormones are all very low. They are trying to figure out why I am still not normal. Prayers for continued healing on my body are greatly appreciated... as are prayers for Tony- he is the one that has to put up with my moodiness ;) Regardless of the heat, and health issues, medical bills, etc...we are counting our blessings! I made it to 29 this year(a week ago, to be exact)! Tony and I lost a bunch of weight this year, and I battled another rare disease. We are so thankful for God's blessings and provision for our family. So, I will leave you with this song that my mom used to sing to me as a little girl. I have been teaching it to our kiddos. Have a super weekend, and a fabulous week ahead!

The Lord is good to me

and so I thank the Lord,

for giving me, the things I need,

the sun and the moon and the appleseed,

Oh, the Lord is good to me!

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