Friday, October 31, 2008

A Year Lost...

... Well, not really lost- Just a years worth of journals in my blog lost in cyber space. Yes, I tried to be technical savvy, and ended up coming back to the blogspot, (aka: basic blogging) instead of racking my pregnant non-existent brain and trying to figure out stuff that is too complicated for my liking. I join all of my blogging buddies in the blogspot world tonight. I have kept my domain name, but it is forwarded to this blog for my enjoyment/peace of mind. If you have an RSS feed, you will need to change it to my blogspot URL above. However, you may still log into if you choose. I admit to testing the waters and drowning.

Thanks to our great friend Jon Otjen for saving me. Thanks Jon, for your advice, wisdom, and slaps across the face (just kidding about the slaps).

Thanks to my wonderful Husband for making yet another wonderful header for my blog.

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