Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Tobin

Here's a video of everyone singing happy birthday to Tobin, and him blowing out the candles! Enjoy! Thanks Tony, for finding the camera in all the debris!

Tobin's Dino-mite Party

This year Tobin wanted a dinosaur party. I budgeted, used my creativity, free resources, and stuff I had around the house to create what I think was an awesome party! Our great friend Andrea of Andrea Jett Photography came and captured the essence of the party. It was fabulous having her there so that I could enjoy the party and play with the kids, and adults too ;) . Enjoy the photos. Wish you could have all been there! I added a few of my own photos- you can tell which ones because yes, they still have the date on them- ha!

Guest's signed in when they got there, received a dinosaur hat and a tattoo.
I made both my kids dinosaur shirts. This photo of Caroline is fuzzy but, you can tell it says "I heart dino's"

We had the party at Church, we got to use the bounce house- which was a HUGE hit!

The back of Tobin's shirt had his name, and a "3" on it.

Tobin wanted balloons, so there were balloons...
... and tattoos

...BIG dinosaurs to color

Mimi came to help us celebrate

There were dinosaur decorations...

...and napkins...
...and cake!
I made Tobin a "dinosaur" cake. That's what he asked for! It was Grammy's recipe for caramel cake and my, oh my was it tasty!

There were lots of fun activities to do at this dino-riffic party!
I made a dinosaur bean bag toss game-used the homemade bean bags from last year.

I hid lots of random items in 100 lbs of sand for the kiddos to have their own archaeological dig.

There were lots of plastic Dino's to play with

Don't forget about the jump house!

There was food for herbivores and carnivores ...

...over 100 sandwiches made, all cut like dinosaurs... Tobin's favorite's- PB&J and Pimento Cheese!

Sweet Sarah Kate getting a tattoo

Just like her daddy's... kinda!

There were 20 kids, and parents galore!

Did I mention there were tattoos... lots of them!?!

Mimi and sweet Caroline

Tobin and cousin Emily, coloring

The men, chatting it up

14 of these footprints led the party guests to the party room

Little Cody Martin and Ava Arnold

It looks to me that there is something in Tobins mouth... I cannot imagine what- maybe it's a camera trick? Do you know, Andrea?

Our sweet dinosaur boy blowing out the candles

mmmm... eating the cake.

Me and my sweet boy!

Everyone loved the cake!

Friends brough lots of wonderful presents!

He had to get inside the big birthday bag after he got out the goodies!

Every kiddo got a Dino grabber and goodie bag when they left with chalk dinosaur egg, Dino fruit snacks, stickers, and more tattoos for home!

I have videos, but my camera is in one of the many many bags and boxes from the party that we have still not gone through. I'll post them when I find it! Hope you all enjoyed the photos!
Thanks everyone for coming! Thanks for the wonderful presents. Thank you for loving our sweet boy and celebrating his big day! We are still so tired from yeserday. Wish you ALL could have been with us on his special day!

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