Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankfulness (and family photos)

Here is what you have been waiting for! These were taken three weeks ago now, and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out! Some of these photos truly capture in just one second, in what our whole life seems to be all about. This weekend, as we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday we look back on the last year. We thank the Lord above, and all his goodness. We are thankful for my ITP remission. We are all around thankful for being healthy and happy and blessed. We are truly undeserving of his matchless grace! Enjoy the photos. Think about your blessings this week. May you and your family be truly blessed!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Preview

This last weekend, we went to spend a couple days with my family in Arkansas. Here is a preview of what pics are to come!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Down 50 and 76

You may have noticed I've changed the photo on the blog. The reason being that we have taken on a new form. You see, Tony has lost 76 pounds, and I have lost 50! Next week we have a family photo session scheduled, so until then, the pic of the kids will have to do as the header.

I have been MIA for a while for good reason. Fall is always a busy season for our family. BIG SWITCH occurs in the Fall (our big 3 week youth event), and this year we added a new way of life. We are getting healthy, once. and. for. all. We will never go back. We have photos to remember the unhealthy life we led. The addiction to food is gone for good. We got rid of 14 garbage bags full of "fat" clothes. I am writing this post to give all my readers a sort of "heads up". When the new photos are posted, you may not recognize us. Most days we don't recognize ourselves. We are so excited about teaching our children, and leaving them a legacy of health.

Another thing we added this fall is my new Scentsy business. It has kept me even busier that before, but it is so much fun! It is going great. God is blessing us so much through Scentsy, and I can't wait to see where our lives will be this time next year. If you want to look at the online catalog, items can ship directly to your home. It's the best time of year to host a party. Scentsy makes awesome gifts, too!

I have been going to a women's bible study at a local church every Monday morning. I signed up in support of a friend, and have received so much out of it. It has given me the boost in my spiritual life that I needed in this season. I am so grateful for the women that God has placed in my life!

We are so excited about our new journey. Our marriage is stronger than it has ever been. Our kids are growing and learning new things every day. We are learning so many things through this diet/lifestyle change that we never thought possible. Before and after pics will come when we go to the maintain part of our diet. I'll post more on how we lost the weight later.

Keep us in your prayers! I'll try not to be so "lost in cyberspace" the next couple months. Family pics to come soon!

Have a safe, fun, and happy Halloween!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scentsy Fever!!!

I have started A business out of my home. I'm so excited about it, it's all I can think about! I fall asleep thinking about it, dream about it, and wake up thinking about it. It's got a hold on me! I've got Scentsy Fever! If you haven't heard of Scentsy.... you are missing out!

Scentsy is a wickless home fragrance company. It fills your home with amazing aroma's, while putting safety first. It uses no flame, only a small wattage bulb. There is no risk of burns to you or your children, and no risk of fire to your home! Tobin actually dumped one on him by accident the other day and the wax didn't burn him! I'm hooked (if you can't tell already)! You NEED some, too!

Visit my website or email me at!

Wanna get FREE product and half price items? Need some unique, amazing Christmas gifts this Holiday season? Book a Party Today!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feelin' like Fall

That's right! It's finally Fall, and wouldn't you know it actually felt like Fall outside today! So, as tradition would have it in our house, the pumpkins and leaves come out! It's starting to FEEL like FALL around here!

This morning we went across the street to a nursery that got a fresh batch of pumpkins! Tobin got to pick two out. He picked the interesting weird ones. I kinda like them!

This one below is called a Turban pumpkin.

A centerpiece for the dining room table. I am working on a project so until then, mason jars and natural elements like leaves and acorns will have to do!

You can't beat $3 pumpkins at Walmart!

Top of the TV Cabinet

Top of the Kitchen cabinets

One of my favorite pumpkins :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jane Fonda's Baby Workout Wednesday

This shirt was mine when I was a "baby". Caroline has worn it lots. It has a couple stains, but she loves it- so what's the harm around the house, right?! She always says, "BABY HERE!" This morning I put it on, and it's way too small. I put it on anyway, just for kicks... and to get some photos of her in it! Have a happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


BEWARE: This is like THE MOST PHOTOS i HAVE UPLOADED, ever!!! Tobin turned 4 on Saturday and we went all out with a Superhero party. I don't think I got any sleep the whole week before but, we all survived and had a fabulous time! It was well worth all the effort! Okay, here we go!

Each child (16 in total)received a cape (with their initial), mask, and arm cuffs when they walked in the front door.

The cake...OH, the cake... I decided to make it again this year. It was the most time-consuming one I have done. All homemade cake, buttercream, and fondant. My mother came down the night before the party and I wouldn't have been able to get everything done without her! She also did the piping on the cake for the spider webs and the edges:)

(top view)

Our superhero Clothesline was hung on the front porch for the guests to see as they drove up.

... as well as a party sign and balloons. We wanted to make sure everyone found it okay :)

The photo above next to the cake is of my mother and I at my brother's superhero party in 1984. The napkins and plates before are true vintage... from the same party :)

A package was delivered for Tobin right before the guests arrived , from Grammy :)

OH, and if you were wondering, Yes... I made the capes, etc. Each child had a different color and their own initial on the back.

The guest's started arriving!

They were all pretty excited about the party, especially with their personalized superhero gear.

The party wouldn't be complete without the Jump House aka Superhero Training house :)

My mother painted the Batman and Robin (Tobin) sign. The kids and adults got a kick out of it! Mom, you're the greatest!

My mother (Tobin's Nonny) Also painted tattoo's on everyone!

It was very HOT and very WINDY!

There were lots of snacks including batman and spiderman snacks, popcorn, and PB&J Oatmeal cookies.

And again, my mother painted a "Pin The Mask On The Super Boy" Game. The kids LOVED it! Not too many photos of this, because I was running the game, the rest of the party, and taking photos. I was supermommy that day, I guess :)

I made ribbon/felt banners for outside to hang on the back fence and the tent covering the porch. They added the perfect party touch, and we will use them for other parties, too!
I bought fabric (used to make baseball jersey's) really cheap. 10 bucks for the whole bolt! I cut it and used it for table clothes, and still have a lot left on the bolt. Any ideas on what to use it for? We had to tie down the table clothes with twine because it was so windy!
By the time this photo was taken, all the ice had melted, but we went through a lot of ice, a lot of drinks, and a lot of sweat. It was HOT!

Our Sweet Four year old! I cannot believe it!

Caroline loved the popcorn! Who doesn't?

It was so much fun to watch them run around the yard and play superhero's.

Tony and one of the amazing men he works for. The adults had to get in the fun, too!

Addison and Tobin

I think this is the only photo of me at the Party... At least it looks decent right!? Ha!

They fought the villian off in the bounce house!

We all went inside to open gifts... I think everyone was relieved! He got some awesome presents! Thanks everyone for spoiling him!

It was time for everyone to go home and they got a goody bag with superhero snacks, a compass ring, superhero stickers, and some other little treats.

Here is our Birthday Boy showing off his Superman shirt and Hat. HE LOVES THEM! We are so proud of you, Tobin! You are such a sweet, smart, loving SUPERBOY! Happy Fourth Birthday Baby Boy!

A special thanks to Nonny, and to everyone who helped set up and clean up. Thanks for coming and helping us celebrate! It was a fabulous party! I think I'll go take a nap, now :)

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