Saturday, July 31, 2010

Six Years

Today I have been married to my best friend for Six years! This last year was one of the toughest, but would have been much harder if I wasn't with you! You are the funniest, sweetest, most sincere Man that I have ever known. You complete me! I love you Baby!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I was running frantic this morning from store to store. I had to get supplies for some blankets I'm making for some special babies that are arriving soon. I had both kids with me. Tobin was on his best behavior most of the morning. As noon was approaching it was getting hot outside. Caroline was tired of sitting in carts and Tobin was getting tired of following me around. I ran by Sonic to get some drinks to tag along with us before our final stop of the day. I got my usual Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper and Tobin had a Diet sprite with orange. We were in a popular fabric and craft store (which I won't name) in a long line. We were about third in line, and there was a woman in line behind me. I had just handed out animal crackers to my kids to subdue them while we stood there in line. I grabbed my diet Dr. Pepper and took a big drink (As I silently prayed to God above to make my kids behave until we got out of this store)and shot a smile to the cashier. ( I secretly hoped she would get a HUGE hint that my kids were at their limit and she needed to hurry)

Out of nowhere am man (older than me, probably in his late 30's/early 40's) swiftly walked by us. He said loudly so everyone could hear, "Hope that's a diet coke!"

He kept walking, but turned his head around and smiled at me and laughed.
My mouth dropped and eyebrows turned. But, I stood there speechless. I looked around to see if anyone else saw that, or if it was a figment of my imagination. The lady behind me had a grimace on her face and shook her head. It was clear I wasn't the only one who had heard.

I was embarrassed.
I wanted to laugh.
I wanted to cry.
I was praying Tobin didn't understand what the man said.
I stood there in disbelief.

I think Tobin could have broken a vase right then and there, and I wouldn't have even noticed because I was in la la land until we got to the car... where I broke down and laughed out loud while a few tears ran down my cheek.

What is wrong with the human race? Is this poor man so miserable that he has to point out other's imperfections to make himself feel better? If I was thinking I should have said, "At least I can loose weight, you will always be ugly!"

What would that have taught my children?

My weight has fluctuated my whole life. Last year, Tony and I worked hard and lost weight. I got down below my pre-pregnancy weight. Then the stress of our year hit hard. Seven months of steroids wears on me every day. I gained over 40 pounds. I am finally at a place in my life where I'm happy with who I am in Christ, no matter what I look like. I am actually a joyful person most of the time. I don't work out daily like I should, but I don't indulge in high calorie foods and sweets every day. It's not like I weigh 400 pounds!

It's amazing how fast one's self esteem can be shot down. I am still taking this all in. But, I guarantee a weight loss plan is on the horizon folks! I'll let you know in the next few days how I feel about what happened today.... after it has soaked in a little bit.

Just venting.... Isn't that what blogs are for?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Fun Event!!!

Bring your family and your friends! Invite your neighbors to join in the fun!

Friday, July 9, 2010

There WAS a celebration...

... A whole weekend full! I mean, who doesn't love fireworks on the weekend of their birthday? Here's my birthday in photos, because after this week, I'm too tired to be writing words right now :) Enjoy!
The day started off with me sleeping in! That's what I always ask for. Oh, to sleep until I wake up... Sorry, just re-living the moment for a second. I slept till 10... but who's counting?
This first photo Tobin took. I think I was blinking, but I thought it was too precious not to post.
He didn't want to smile for the camera. He was mad it wasn't his birthday. Figures!

Then we goofed off a bit...
... and headed to lunch. It was my weekend *ahem* day, and I got to choose where to go. I wanted chips and salsa, so we went to Chili's for lunch.

This is what a 3 year old does while he waits for his food :) Yes, that's two straws and a fork.
I had my cake, folks... and I didn't have to make it myself this year! If you go to Chili's for your birthday, they give you a free dessert. I chose the molten chocolate cake. YUMMO!
Look at the amazing necklace I got in the mail from my parents? I know, don't be jealous!
Friday night my hubby and I went on a date to see Eclipse in the IMAX. It was great! Thanks Lulu for babysitting! (and not letting us pay you, too! We love you!)
Saturday night, after church- we went out to dinner at Ted's. The BEST Mexican restaurant in the OKC Metro! So great! (yes, that's a plate of butter that he stacked up and knocked over about 30 times before his food came)

The girls...
It was a fabulous Celebration of my 28th year beginning. Thank you for all the sweet cards and gifts and facebook messages. I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy at how much I am loved!
I was so blessed to get to spend another birthday with the ones I love!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's A Celebration

When I was younger, I LOVED birthdays!

I loved everything about them... the presents, the cake,...get-together's with friends and family,
...and I supposed I even loved getting a little older each year. After 21, it's kind of gone down hill for me. I'm not really sure why except that every year I get down in the dumps about what I haven't accomplished. I don't really know why. I guess it's different when you have to make your own birthday cake.

This year is going to be different! This year I'm celebrating a life that I almost lost. I'm not sure if you know how serious my ITP diagnosis in October was. The fact that I walked out of that hospital at all is a true miracle. The fact that I'm in remission now with now daily treatment is another miracle in itself. I'm not sure why God gave me a second chance but this birthday is going to be filled with CELEBRATING!!! I'm going to make Tony get me a cake. I'm going to demand a song to be sung. I'm going to actually spend my birthday money on ME this year. And, I"m going to be happy on my special day!
This year is going to be different too! A year of purpose and excitement for the unknown. A year full of laughter and giggles with my sweet husband. And lots of snuggles with my babies.
HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY TO ME... tomorrow!
Thank you, Lord for blessing me with this year! I am truly thankful!
(PS- To read about my ITP diagnosis and updates click on "ITP UPDATES" under the "LABELS" section to the right on my side bar.)

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