Tuesday, March 31, 2009

8 Weeks & Smiling!

We caught some smiles tonight on the cameras. She has started "cooing" and "oohing" as well. My camera has such a delay on it, that most photos didn't capture the smiles. Oh well, she's still so cute that I had to post them anyway! Notice the shirt that says, "Daddy, I want a pony!" Our sweet friend Amy gave that to us in Tony's honor. Isn't it cute? We can't believe how fast our sweet Caroline is growing. Don't forget to play the video at the bottom! Wish you could all see her in person- it's so much better than hearing my voice on the camera. Come see us any time!

Our Happy Girl!

"I don't know about all this. Give me a break, mom!"

So dad- can I really have a pony?

"Cooing at the camera"

"Let's just see if you can catch me grinning!"

Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow Day 2009

Last weekend, some of us Oklahomans received some snow from the skies.
According to the meteorologists, we were supposed to get anywhere from 4-8 inches... well, we barely got any. But, that didn't stop Tobin from having a great time! Here are some photos and a video of Tobin's snow day. Enjoy!

ugh oh- I lost my glove!

Snow covered homes

He just threw snow at Tony! he he

We got about 2 inches

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day at Home, with Daddy

Tummy Time

Tobin Time

Daddy Time

Thomas Time

Fun with Friends in Tulsa

Okay folks, still trying to catch up here in the blogging world. The ice and snow outside has given me some catch-up time. Anyway... Two weekends ago, we went to Tulsa to see our friends (The Laughters) who were up visiting from Houston. While we were in Tulsa, we stopped by to see the sweet Branham family. Below are photos of our weekend in Tulsa.

Anna Kate, Drew, Tobin, and Ashley

Anna Kate, as Spider Girl

Drew and Tobin playing, as if they play every day together. What a hoot!

Sweet red-headed Ashley with our sweet red-headed Caroline!

Hillary, showing off Caroline to the girls.

The Laughter family and Us...

Tobin, Tony, Layne, and Jayce

Caroline, just soaking it all in.

Kristyn and I. No, that's not alcohol, people! That's strawberry lemonade- and Kristyn's pregnant with her little girl-whom we can't wait to meet!
Tobin-helping feed baby Caroline! What a sweet big brother he is!

Tony, posing- Tobin eating- Layne texting. I thought this picture was hilarious!

Jayce- eating a chip that was bigger than his arm!
We miss you Branhams and Laughters! Come see US soon!

I scream, You scream, Tobin screams...

For Ice Cream!!!

Park fun with Aunt Carol

The last day Aunt Carol was in Oklahoma, we had to kill some time before she went to the Airport. We decided to go the the park on Hefner lake. Tobin had such a great time, and I think he wore us all out chasing after him.

We miss you so much Aunt Carol, already! Thanks for spending time with us, great conversations, and spoiling us too! We love you bunches! xoxo

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