Friday, March 6, 2009

Caroline's 1st Trip to Arkansas!

Two weeks ago, I ventured to Arkansas by myself, with two kids in tow. Tony had to work the weekend services and had a retreat Monday and Tuesday. I decided I wasn't brave enough to face 4 days basically on my own, so we went to show off Caroline to her Aunts and Uncles. Here are some photos to document the trip. I didn't take nearly enough. It's taken me a while to get these posted, but here they are. Enjoy!

Aunt Serina admiring Caroline for the first time.

Papa was the best baby burper of the trip! He must have burped a few babies in his time!

Does she look satisfied in this picture to you?

Girls just wanna have fun!

Uncle Collin and Aunt Serina loving on Caroline for the first time.

We visited uncle Nathan in town one day at Chick-fil-A. He loves being an uncle!

Posing with Caroline

Playing with Tobin. He LOVES his uncle Nathan!

Tobin pointing out "Boss Hog" in the Razorback photo.

Nathan pointing out something in the same photo. Tobin is mesmerized by the Razorbacks!

Nonny loving on her sweet baby girl!

Aunt Sarah holding her Niece!

Tobin on the couch watching TV and holding his "sissy".

Tobin loving on his sissy.

Tobin and Nonny making the saucer fly!

We had a great trip, and I survived the three hour drive by myself. Well, I wasn't by myself... I had two kiddos to keep my company! We miss you already! See you soon!


Lorren Says... said...

You did it, you brave momma!! So proud of you for taking a trip by yourself with the kiddos. :)

Kristyn said...

WOW!!! I'm glad that you guys got to go and visit your family. You are one brave woman!!

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