Tuesday, March 3, 2009

She's One Month Old!?

Our Little Princess...
Caroline At One month Old :
Loves to sleep... during the day
Loves to look around and stare.... during the night
Doesn't like to be moved... when she's comfortable
Is a very good baby... most of the time
Is our Princess... And the Pea (Haven't you ever read that book?)
Needless to say... she takes after her mommy! Right Papa and Nonny?
We LOVE HER SO MUCH (even Tobin is smitten)! And, can't imagine our lives without her!

The Following photos were my first attempt at capturing photos today. Nice try mom! I don't know where she gets such an attitude! I guess she was sitting on a pea ;)


Anonymous said...

Precious! I miss her....

Lulu said...

Oh those last two are just perfect! Every princess has a bad photo shoot!

Greg and Joy Ryan said...

she is beautiful!

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