Monday, January 31, 2011


As I sit here, we are under a "Blizzard Warning". NO LIE! Crazy, isn't it!? We will get anywhere from 6-18 inches of snow. All the schools and government agencies have cancelled for tomorow and we have just seen the first snowflake. Hhmmm... I am getting excited about a lazy day at home tomorrow with my sweet family. So for now, I'll leave you with this:

[FYI: Ignore the "hands in my pants" and "Meet a nice girl and have some really nice S*$" part. What can I say, we live in a fallen world, with sinful people. Sometimes those people have talent and a (; happy beat- it's true ]

Bruno Mars - "The Lazy Song" (Studio Session) LIVE!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My first Slipcover!

So, We bought this OshKosh chair for Tobin at a yard sale, before he could walk. It was in pretty good shape when we bought it used. We have moved several times, and it's been in and out of the garage, on the porch, around the house... I admit. It's pretty disgusting. Lately, it's been in the garage a while. I had every intention of cleaning the upholstery. Well, I went out to get it yesterday to clean it up and our pet rats (not really, in fact they will hopefully be dead in the next couple days) used it as a chew toy. I didn't take close up pics but they ate at the seat part, and at the back. Needless to say, it needed a slip cover.

I have never made a slipcover before. I was surprised that it only took about 2 hours and it was done! I'm not good on tutorials, so here's a "kinda" stage by stage look at how I did it.

All pinned together, wrong-side out...
Finished! the arm...
Definitely not perfect, but it will do!
Side view
Caroline LOVES it! Tobin is mad that it isn't blue. Oh well, such is life.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Day... Kinda

A couple weeks ago, we got some snow... kinda. It was snowing big 'ole flakes. I knew it wasn't going to stay long ( I had been watching the weather ), so I told the kids we should go out and play! Tobin was so excited that it was all I could do to get him to put socks on! Caroline wasn't sure what to think. She was too little last year to "play" in any snow, and was afraid to step off the porch into it...

She wasn't quite sure what to think at first...

He was wanting to sled, and there wasn't enough yet... especially when he discovered the snow melted when he walked through it.
This face he is making is a face his daddy makes. So funny!

She kept yelling, "Tobin, catch em! Bubba, catch em!" She was hypnotized!

Why are slippery sidewalks so fun to play on?

She was so delighted when she realized it wasn't anything to be scared of, and had so much fun running through the snowflakes!

OOpps, took a tumble and caught herself, then she was mad because her hands were cold. No one listens to mommy when she says, "you better wear some gloves" Ha! She was still Joyful.
Can you see his "Super Tobin" shirt peeking through his coat? He REFUSED to put on long sleeves. I am learning to choose my battles.
What a sweet smile from my sweet boy.
He had to take his hat off and "feel" the snowflakes. What a precious big boy!

The photo above, and the photo above... take a good look... they are making the same face with their chins and lips. So funny! They are cut out of the same cloth for sure!
She was so elated about the flakes falling!

So, a zipper pull breaks? No biggie in our house :) Just use a huge safety pin, Ha!
Arms up high, reaching for the snowflakes!
We're cold, let's go inside!

She wouldn't let me help her get her "boops" off. "I do it by myself!" She looked precious in her little snow suit :)
It was all melted by the time they woke up from their naps this day. I am still crossing my fingers that we get a big "fun" snow this winter, before spring comes. It is so blasted cold and windy here, it might as well snow, right?

I uploaded a TON of pics to Facebook- from Halloween through New Years-- so I've decided not to play catch up. Check out the photos I've uploaded there. If we're not friends, why not? Ask me to be your friend!

STAY WARM! Make some sweet memories with your family this week :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We Are Alive!

I'm sitting here overwhelmed with thoughts thinking... "How will I ever catch up? Where do I start? and Do people even care about my blog?" I haven't written a post since before Thanksgiving. I have many many photos I could upload, lots of cute stories I could tell, and a series of "healthy" blogs I intend on writing.

Right now, I just want to let everyone know that we are alive and doing wonderfully! If you are reading this, do you care? Ha! Seriously, I'm just curious if any of you actually read my posts. I do this mostly for relatives out of state, and know I need to do better. Life gets busy, I know that! We have been so busy, it is really crazy to think about everything that has happened in the non-blogging last three months. I will post photos later this week. I hope to do better, and could fill a post full of ramblings of why I haven't updated in a while. Who cares, right?

Just to let you all know we are not MIA any more, and not sure if I will play "catch up" for a little while, or just start blogging again.... or a little of both ;)

Hope your holidays were terrific! Our family had a wonderful Christmas season! Hope to hear from YOU, on if you read this or not. :)

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