Thursday, January 27, 2011

My first Slipcover!

So, We bought this OshKosh chair for Tobin at a yard sale, before he could walk. It was in pretty good shape when we bought it used. We have moved several times, and it's been in and out of the garage, on the porch, around the house... I admit. It's pretty disgusting. Lately, it's been in the garage a while. I had every intention of cleaning the upholstery. Well, I went out to get it yesterday to clean it up and our pet rats (not really, in fact they will hopefully be dead in the next couple days) used it as a chew toy. I didn't take close up pics but they ate at the seat part, and at the back. Needless to say, it needed a slip cover.

I have never made a slipcover before. I was surprised that it only took about 2 hours and it was done! I'm not good on tutorials, so here's a "kinda" stage by stage look at how I did it.

All pinned together, wrong-side out...
Finished! the arm...
Definitely not perfect, but it will do!
Side view
Caroline LOVES it! Tobin is mad that it isn't blue. Oh well, such is life.

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