Thursday, May 21, 2009

1st time in the Exersaucer

Oh- So Excited!
She has been sticking out her tongue like this. It's her new trick ;)

so excited, she moved out of the frame!

Teething away! This is the only teething ring she can actually pick up and chew on.

She LOVES her big brother! He was showing her what all the toys do!

I'm sure you'll see more photos of her in her Exersaucer as she grows. But, I couldn't resist taking photos of the first time! Hope you enjoyed seeing how big she is getting!

Best of Friends

Last Friday, we had the Martin Family over. Curt is a year older than Tobin, and they are best of friends. Nap time came and went without either boys getting their nap. After dinner, the boys were watching a movie, and we peeked in and saw this. Yes, they are sound asleep. Curt's arm is over Tobin. They slept for about an hour. Tony had to snap this photo to capture the moment!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where was our Good Samaritan?

(not his actual bike)

Tony has been riding his bike around Lake Hefner for the last couple weeks. It's 10 miles round trip, and I am so proud of him! His bicycle is just an Ocean Pacific beach cruiser bicycle. It is a cheap bike, with no gears-which makes it much more difficult. We have been praying that God would provide another decent bike (and kid trailer) for us so that I can ride, as well. Today after church, I took the kids home and he stayed to ride around the Lake. He was going to make TWO laps today! He normally rides with another one of the pastor's at our church, but was going alone today. I prayed for him on the way home, with a sick feeling in my stomach. Little did I know that the Holy Spirit was warning me that something bad was going to happen. He was almost at the half way point, and the chain came off his bike when he was at full speed. Unfortunately he was at an intersection where Cars pass. He ended up in the middle of the street....

He struggled to get up off the pavement and drag himself and his bike to the grass. He sat down in the grass dazed for a while, trying to gather himself. With no phone on him, he turned his bicycle upside down and tried to re-connect the chain. He was praying and pleading, "Lord, help me get this chain back on this bike". He got the chain back on and with one horrible wobbly tire, he inched his way back to the church parking lot, where he started his journey.

First of all, He is OKAY. He jammed (hopefully did not break) his toe, and pulled his toenail off, even with his shoes on. He bruised his side, and got really shook up.

I am really writing this because I am so angry. I am sickened and angry at all of those MANY people at the Lake today, walking and riding their bikes, the people on the street that saw Tony fall, even those that may have been in their cars. All of those people... and not ONE person stopped to offer help, or even ask if Tony was alright. It makes me literally SICK to my stomach that people could witness that and not even flinch. Every one's own agenda's were too important to help someone in need. He sat in the grass for over 30 minutes, injured, trying to put on his bicycle chain, and not ONE person stopped to ask if he needed help. It was quite obvious that his bike was broken. The other thing that sickens me is just when we stop our gym membership to work out in "our own (free)means" this happens.

If you were out there on Lake Hefner today and saw my wonderful husband, I forgive you. However, I think we ALL need to look out for others in need. How would Christ have reacted in this situation? Would he have just passed by? Where was Tony's "good Samaritan" today(As in Luke chapter 10:25-37)? We can still see God in the storm, and the bad things. We know Lord, that you will provide bicycles for us to continue getting healthy together.

I encourage all of you readers to look out for others in need- those on the side of the road that need help. I am writing this so that others may consider how they can be "good Samaritans" to people on the side of the road today (even if it's not in literal sense, side of the road). If you see someone on the side of the road, don't' assume that someone else will help them. DO YOUR PART, and be a good Samaritan to others in need.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Block Builder

This little fella LOVES his Blocks, and LOVES to build!

Daddy Tobin

Tobin was mothering, or I guess I should say "fathering" his Elmo and baby doll today. He fed them, gave them a bath, and watched Praise Baby with them. Here are some photos I snapped of him in his element. Yes, he's in PJ's. Sometimes, we just need to stay in PJ's the whole day.

Feeding Baby

Brushing baby's teeth

"Hey, I gotta get somethin" (he says this a lot)

Elmo's turn for teeth brushing and bath!

Extra Extra...

...Read all about it!

At just 14 weeks old, this little princess has cut her first tooth! One on the bottom middle, and she is working on the second one right now as we speak. I think babies shouldn't teeth, until they are old enough to actually chew on a teething toy. What can I say? It's tough to be a baby!

In other news, This big boy is outsmarting us a day at a time... well, that's what HE thinks! He knows he gets in trouble for saying "NO" to us. So, he's decided that instead of saying "NO", he says "NOT". Smart huh!? Not so much ;)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009


For all of you nursing mothers out there....

Tony got me one of these for mothers day this year. Isn't he great!? Bebe Au Lai is running a mothers day special. If you buy one of their nursing covers, bib, or hooded towel, you get two free burp clothes, and free shipping- but you have to order by Monday, so if you don't have one of these awesome nursing covers, now's your chance. And hey, it's Mother's Day! YOU DESERVE IT!!!
Click here for more details!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rainy Evening Movie Night

For those of you who don't know, it has been raining here for about 2 weeks. I am not exaggerating. My Tobin boy needs to get out some serious energy! All this rainy weather has forced us to get creative in the evenings. However, for those non-creative evenings, after a tiring day for Tony at the office or after a day Caroline fussed most of the time... there are movies to watch! A mile from our house is a great movie store. It's locally owned and all the kids movies are FREE. Yes, that's right... you just check them out like a library does. Isn't that amazing? Needless to say, we've made a couple trips this week to the "movie store" as Tobin calls it. Tonight we rented (borrowed for free) BOLT. I caught Tony watching the movie with both kids in Tobin's room tonight. Don't you just love rainy days?

Tobin when we got home, he's super excited about BOLT! Thanks Nonny for the Gabba Gabba shirt. Tobin loves it!

Boys watching BOLT. Caroline, watching the colorful ceiling fan. She loves watching ceiling fans.

I'm ready for all of our May flowers to come, and the post April Showers to cease!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Collin!

Happy 29th! Enjoy the last year in your 20's. Make it great! We Love you, SO MUCH!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Homeless and Humble

Today I was Humbled.

Today we were in the car. I stopped at a red light that is on the corner of a busy street-a busy street that homeless people always hold up their signs asking for help. Today, a scraggly looking man came walking up to our car close enough where Tobin could see him.

He said, "What him doing momma?"

I responded, "I don't know, Tobin"

It hit me as I drove away what I had done. First of all, I lied to my son. I mean... didn't I know what he was doing? I could have at least said, "He's holding a sign". I guess I didn't want to explain to Tobin that he (in mommy terms) didn't have a home so he was holding up a sign to ask for money or food because he did not have any.

You see, I honestly get tired of seeing these kinds of people at this intersection every day. I am kind of annoyed by them. It is the same people at the same corners. If I would roll down my window every time, I could probably start a relationship with them... Why haven't I? I have not once offered them money. I justify it because I have no cash on me, or we're always tight, or I just spent 80 dollars on diapers, etc. At the same time, I can scrape up pennies, nickels, and dimes to put in Tobin's reward jar; and I have 50 cents in my pocket to put in the "ride" at Walmart when Tobin is good in the store. We try to teach Tobin to give to the Lord, and give to others. We just gave a family our single stroller and car seat last week, because we weren't using it anymore- In fact, Tobin was upset to let it go (and actually cried) but we explained that we did not need it anymore but this family did. I think he actually understood us. Yet, I did not teach my son today about what a dollar can mean to someone who has nothing.

I think part of me didn't tell Tobin the truth today, because I felt guilty. I think part of me didn't tell Tobin the truth because I don't want him to know the truth... that bad things happen. That sometimes people don't have places to live, or food to eat, or clean clothes to wear. How do I explain this to my 2 1/2 year old? How can I possibly begin to explain it to him?

Lord, forgive me if I am not showing my son your love by helping those in need. Give me more opportunities to give to others, even if I don't have anything to give. Show me what I can give to those in need.

Summertime Steadiness

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