Friday, June 28, 2013

The Trip of A Lifetime (part two)

We woke up early on Thursday morning and headed to the Happiest Place On Earth--DISNEYLAND!  We went several times as kids, when we lived in California.  Tony and I also went on our Honeymoon.   I could not wait to take my own kids! The day was amazing!  We bought two day passes and decided to go to Disney Land one day, and Disney's California Adventure Park another day.  We decided break up the fun with days in between.  Here are some pictures from our Day at Disneyland!

The girls wore their princess dresses, and the women wore matching shirts. It may sound corny, but it sure helped to keep the pack together, when walking through the park!

Here we are riding on the tram, from the parking lot to the Park! So exciting!

This Daddy was a trooper the whole day, pushing the stroller, and sometimes pushing TWO!
 Waiting in line to get in the gate!

 We all went to City Hall downtown and they gave us all buttons for the kids going to Disney land for the first time! So fun!

 We rode the Carousel first.

 Had to get a pic of me... look in the mirror.

 Then, we couldn't pass up the Sword In The Stone!  Everyone had to have a try!

One of my friends works at Bippity Boppity Boutique, and told us to come see her.  One of the Fairy God Mothers came up and said, "Princess Caroline, close your eyes and make a wish".  Boy, did she!  They sprinkled fairy dust on her! So precious!

 Uncle Collin giving Momma Serina a break by carrying Ezra on his shoulders.
 We were waiting in line for the Peter Pan ride.  Tobin was so excited, as he had read about this ride in his Disneyland book.  The ride broke while we were in line and he was so disappointed, but he quickly recovered after lunch and we had a blast the rest of the day!

 Dancing together after lunch

 Everyone loves Aunt Carol! I'm not sure what we would have done without her! She has a pass and was a PRO!  She lead the way the whole day.
 Tobin had fun finding Hidden Mickey's all day long.  Can you see the Hidden Mickey's in this photo?

In line for Captain Eeo! I particularly enjoyed this, because they brought it back, and I loved it when I was a little girl.  It was one of Tobin's favorite attractions.  

 We fed Ezra his first Frozen Lemonade (when his momma was in the bathroom).  HE LOVED IT!  That's what Aunts are for, right?

 Finding Nemo Ride!

 Aren't my parents cute?

 Showing off their Driver's License for Autotopia

 On this ride, Tobin screamed "This is the best day of my life!"

 It's a Small World!  The iconic childhood ride of my memories!

 I loved how they updated it with all the Disney princesses, and Characters. 
 She couldn't wait to ride her Pink Teacup! I prayed we would get a pink one!

 We got our pink one! Tobin wasn't too happy about that part! ha!
 Mickey Mouse's living room

 Mickey Mouse Pretzel
 The Parade was my favorite part of the day.  The Adults were all in tears by the end of it, just watching the Joy on the kids faces.

 Favorite moment of the day...

Caroline dressed like Belle and wanted to meet her so badly.  I prayed we would get to see her and she would acknowledge Caroline in her dress.   Belle was on the back of the princess float and as it passed, I thought she was going to miss her.  Caroline waved to her hearts content...

 She saw Caroline!  Her hands went in the air with surprise,  she pointed to their dresses, did a curtsy, and blew her a kiss, then waved goodbye!  My absolute favorite moment of the day.  The moment when the whole day-- the money, parking, waiting , crowds, and everything else-- was all worth it!

Aurora Acknowledged Zoe too, and our day was then complete!

 Someone was worn out!

 The fireworks over the castle at night were incredible!
 Zoe was a little tired too! 
We loved Pirates of the Caribbean, the Tiki room, and all the other amazing Attractions.  It was great seeing it all again as an adult, with my children.  What a day to remember!

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