Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I have Coconut Lemongrass in my Scentsy warmer.  The house is quiet with the kiddos all tucked in their beds.  What great summer days we have been having.  I love playing with and hanging out with my kiddos. It will be really hard for me to send them to school in the fall!  We have some day trips planned around our new fun city and I'm looking forward to meeting new people and building new relationships.

Today, we got a sweet treat!  One of my best friends from Edmond came to visit her mother in Tulsa.  Turns out, her mom lives in our neighborhood, just a couple streets down.  So, we went down the street to swim with them today.  The kids had a blast! Thanks for the invite Sarah!

I did some laundry... catching up from Vacation has been awful.  When you're gone 13 days, a lot of clothes pile up.  Did I tell you we went on Vacation?  We had a fabulous trip out West with my family.  I'll share some pics and details soon.

I kicked the case of the Lonelies in the tail and had a fabulous day with my kids today.  I wrote in our blessings journal, and that got me counting up the blessings again.  The enemy won't win the battle, for I am HIS.  Have a great week!

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