Monday, February 22, 2010

Messy Ones...

I love the messy faces of my kids. The smiles through the ketchup or jelly...

The cracker crumbs that stick to the juice dripping off their chin
The laughter that comes from the blood sugar high right after they eat...

The satisfaction in their eyes when they're full.

Food is sometimes entertainment at our house. What about yours?

Friday, February 19, 2010

When Baby's Sick, Aint' Nobody Happy!

Caroline is NOT feeling well at all. Poor baby... or should I say poor family? "Why" do you ask? Besides the fact that she wants nothing to do with food, has to be held most of the time and has a dirty outfit (due to a runny messy diaper) every couple of hours...

She has to have three Paci's in the hand and one in the mouth- at ALL times!
Don't even think about touching her silky blanket!

And if you even try to take one of her paci's away? You might as well lay down and die b/c you are about to witness the fit of the decade!

Despite all of this, we are all totally smitten by her presence. We are so blessed to have her in our life! Hope you enjoy your weekend. Praying for Health in our home!

The Flirt of Spring

Today was an amazing 58 degrees outside. The warm sunshine lit up our insides and put smiles on our faces. With all the snow and frigid temps this winter brought, we were so ready for some sunshine-- We are definitely ready for SPRING! I know, it's not here yet, but today seemed like it was flirting with us. We spent the day in Choctaw with Mimi and Mamaw!

Sweet Caroline's Spring headband...
Her favorite part of their home, the tiny bench to watch TV on!

Tobin loves playing with the cars...

And they both LOVE the books...

The "girls". I love this photo. It's like the laughter is caught on camera. A Candid shot...

Mamaw and her "Sunshine's"
Tobin and Mimi took today's weather and decided to play some ball. Tobin LOVES to play ball! I think we may have to get him registered in T-ball this summer...

Me:"How old are you?"
Tobin: "Three mom, you know it!"

Keep your eye on the Orange ball...

... orange ball.... in mid air...

... again...

Caroline didn't want to miss out on the outdoor fun, so she kept watch with Mamaw from the glass door. She loved watching the colors spin on the flower.

"How does that work?"

Thank you Mimi and Mamaw for hosting our day. We had a blast with you! We can't wait till Springtime hits for good so we can have fun all day at the park!
Tomorrow's forecast: Another day in the 40's with chance of rain.... Now you know why I said, "flirt" (:
(PS- Caroline spiked a fever and we took her to the ER tonight. She has an upper respiratory infection, sinus infection, and double ear infection. Poor baby- We are so thankful we took her in before pneumonia set in. Please be praying for her quick and healthy recovery!)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sick and Entertained...

If you are a mommy and you've ever had a sick child, you know it's hard to make him/her happy when they aren't feeling well. Thanks to some recent NEW things, my kids were happily entertained today while they had fevers.

Tobin's Valentine's gift from Mimi and Mamaw was a little cellophane envelope of beads. We put it in water and this is what happened (over the course of 6 hours- talk about entertaining!)
He Loved looking at them in the water...

An hour later... they started looking fuzzy and grew a little bit bigger...

2 hours later, yet even more growing had occurred...

3 hours later, they started oozing to the top of the water...

After nap... Oh- to his surprise! Look how they had grown!
I told him to smile, this is the face he made. Poor baby had a fever all day!

Fruity cheerios and these new girly cars kept Miss. Caroline happy today! Thank you cousin Emily for the Cars!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Love You

Happy Valentines Day to all our friends and family! I hope you spent the day with the one's you LOVE!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Frosting Recipe's

Okay ladies, for those who asked, and those who are wondering... here's where I got my recipe's for the Buttercream frosting and Marshmallow fondant. I added color to my fondant after I had it made-that was the hardest part. If you are going to just use all one color, I suggest adding the food coloring in the 1st step, before you microwave it.

Good luck! Enjoy! It's sooooooo worth it- There is nothing like a homemade cake!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday Party Fun

On Saturday we had a family party to celebrate the 1st year of Caroline's life. We had it blown out with pink everything...

Pink Banner...
Pink Balloons...

pink plates, napkins, and utensils...

... and even a homemade pink cake!
Caroline LOVES anything pink or purple, so that's what we did! My parents (nonny and papa) came over from Arkansas, Mimi (from Choctaw), and Uncle Carl and Candace from down the street. It was great having everyone together, and it all went by too fast! Here are some photos of the day to summarize the events.

I frosted the cake with homemade buttercream icing, dyed pink of course and made homemade marshmallow fondant to decorate the cake with flowers. It was my first experience and I was surprised at how easy and tasty it turned out!

I also used fondant for the "1" on top of the cake, and brushed pink glitter glaze on top to give it some sparkle.

While we waited for everyone to arrive, Nonny and the kids had a blast playing

Even her high chair was decorated in pink!
The chair below was bought by my great grandfather years and years ago. My grandmother sent it over for Caroline's birthday. Isn't it precious!? She LOVES it, too!
Papa enjoyed doing what he does best... reading the paper! (while waiting for everyone to arrive)
Nonny made Caroline a tiara. She loved playing with it more than wearing it. (Thanks Kristina for making Caroline's shirt with pink letters!)

When everyone arrived we had PIZZA- Tobin and Caroline's favorite food!
(on pink table clothes, of course)

So unsure of what is going on... (cake time)

She got her fingers in it and did not like that... Until she tasted it!


Everyone loved the cake!

Did I mention I dyed the inside purple?

Britney and TJ helped us celebrate, too!

I'm pretty sure Daddy loved the cake, too(he's going to hate me for posting this ) Ha!

Mommy's sweet girl!
You can't really tell from the pics, but she wore a pink tutu that I made. More pics of that to come, later.

Then, we had presents! ... In pink paper of course!

Caroline is such a girlie girl. She hasn't stopped carrying around her little purple purse and silver jewelry since the party!
The day was finished off by getting Caroline a new car seat- she out grew her old one. I bet you can guess what color it is!

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