Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow sneak peak

Last week we were promised a winter storm. Everyone acted as if it was going to be an apocalypse. There hasn't been school for days and it has snowed many inches. There are plenty of snow photos and videos to be blogged about; however, we have all been under the weather. We made one trip to the ER with little Miss. Caroline for dehydration and are now still recovering from a nasty bug. There is still lots of snow on roads and school's and businesses are still closed. Caroline's birthday and party are this week, too... So, I'm not making any promises that I will update this blog much this week. Eventually, you will see what a fantastic time our Tobin boy had in the snow! Hope everyone's week is filled with hot chocolate, family time, and warm fuzzies. Say a prayer for us this week!


Anonymous said...

SOOOOoooo cute! Wish there Nonny could have played in the snow with them!

Anonymous said...

Ops! "Their" Nonny!

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