Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Trip to the Play Place!

On Wednesday the kids and I went to the Play Place in the mall to escape the cold weather one last time before the ice storm came. The way the Weather men and people were talking (and shopping) that this Ice store was going to be the apocalypse.... So, we met up with some friends and had a fun day! I'm a germ freak (which you may know already) so today was Caroline's first day to actually "play" in the play place. Here are some photos to sum up the play time!

She is Oh-so proud of herself!

Tobin announced that you didn't have to play on top of the flowers, you could hid underneath. Ha!

Caroline is trying to figure out how all those kids got on top of the flowers, while sweet Ava ran around her! So cute!

This pretty much sums up most of the photos of Tobin that were taken.

Wonder what they are thinking here...

"okay, I'm tired! I think I'll just watch from the stroller now" (do you see her cute bow barrette actually in her hair! It's growing people!

Sweet Ava!

My baby is growing up! She will be walking ANY DAY NOW! Prayers are appreciated ;)

1 comment:

Brie said...

Love the bow!!! She is getting very close to walking, how exciting! I am a germ freak too so I hesitate to take Kinsey to the play place at our mall even though I know she would love it. Glad they had fun!

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