Friday, July 26, 2019


I'm so thankful for this blog.

I sat down this morning to start a new blog. Then I decided I'll just be authentic with you all.

There are so many times I've said "I'm going to start writing again". Life happens. The writing doesn't.

I don't regret anything. This blog is a the story of our life. Some was written, some wasn't. This is testament to our life, the Story God has written for our family. His goodness and blessings are poured out in the posts. Pain and sorrow, lessons learned, and crazy and/or thrilling life changes have been documented.

There is a vulnerability in writing. Once it's written, it's there.

I have been writing in journals consistently, and I may start copying them into this blog.

For now, a new season is here.

My three big kids will be heading back to school in a couple of weeks. It'll just be me and the tiny dude. I'm not even sure if I posted about him! We have FOUR KIDS now!

I'm praying and hoping that writing consistently will help me continue to fulfill my purpose.

My hope (through the blog) is that somehow, the posts on this blog will inspire, uplift and encourage. Uplift people who are hurting. Inspire those who long to create. Encourage those who want to move forward, fulfill their purpose and nurture their relationship with Christ.

Thanks for those of you who still subscribe and read this ole' thing.

Welcome to those of you who didn't know this existed. May you be blessed!

Cheers (with a coffee mug in hand) to this new beautiful season.


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