Thursday, May 21, 2009

1st time in the Exersaucer

Oh- So Excited!
She has been sticking out her tongue like this. It's her new trick ;)

so excited, she moved out of the frame!

Teething away! This is the only teething ring she can actually pick up and chew on.

She LOVES her big brother! He was showing her what all the toys do!

I'm sure you'll see more photos of her in her Exersaucer as she grows. But, I couldn't resist taking photos of the first time! Hope you enjoyed seeing how big she is getting!


Anonymous said...

I KNEW she would LOVE it!!! Look how BLUE her eyes look in the first photo! Beautiful! She just wants to be ahead of her time. This is going to be a good entertainment for her now. I must find "my" exersaucer. Nonny.

Kristyn said...

I can't believe she's big enough to get in the exersaucer AND by TEETHING!!! What the heck is that about?!?!

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