Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm a Big Kid Now!!!

WARNING: run-on sentence below...

Well, it has taken a lot of consistency and tears(on my part) and praise, and potty dances and prizes, and prayer, and jelly beans, and stickers, and books to read, and accidents, and clock watching but, .... SOMEBODY'S POTTY TRAINED!!!

Tobin's been in big boy underwear for a week now. And,as of today, instead of me asking if he needs to go- he goes by himself then tells me " I went potty mom!" I am so proud of my boy, who by the way turns 3 on friday! EEek!!! Oh, how time flies!
Look at all those stickers!
Look at that cute behind!
He's so proud of himself!

Thanks for the prayers!


Kristyn said...

YIPPPEEEE!!!!!! I can't believe that he potty trained AND that he's going to be THREE!!!! HOLY COW!!! Where did the time go?! I remember the day he was born!!!! What a sweet and handsome boy!!

Lorren Says... said...

Laughing at the hiney picture. Yay Tobin! Great job. :)

Ashley McWhorter said...

Isn't it the greatest thing when it finally "clicks"? Oh, the joys!! I may be calling you when it is Cash's turn! I have been warned that boys are so much harder than girls. We shall see!!

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