Friday, August 10, 2012

His Word Left For Us

Another treasure was found Monday, laying on top of the ash.  Right where my night stand used to sit, there lay a burnt page of my Bible.  It's amazing to me that metal disintegrated into thin air but a page out of God's word was staring us in the face.  Oh, what a sweet promise it was to us.  

There are several identifiable words on this burnt page of the bible.  
"Leading"-  God is leading us to a new home, new perspective, new stage of life, and a new beginning.  He is leading us in every day decisions on where to go, and what to do next.  He has led us to a home.  A new school.  A fresh start.  I can't help but hope and pray that our story will be leading others to see the TRUTH in this evil, fallen world.  The truth that our shining hope is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Our Joy comes from within and not our "things".

"Blessing"-  I cannot begin to describe how blessed we are to have survived this tragic fire.  In the same way, it is indescribable how people have blessed us since this tragedy.  We had the privilege to stay in a wonderful home this week that has given my sweet babies a little bit of stability every day.  We had everything we needed, and never once had to pay for a room to sleep in at night.  We didn't have to bounce from house to house, because a family that loves the Lord allowed us to make ourselves at "home" in their home.  What a true and priceless blessing it has been.  

We will leave this house to stay in a more permanent home that will be such a blessing as well.  Some sweet friends of ours have offered up a home of theirs for us to live in.  

From countless letters, emails, donations, and even monetary gifts-- The Blessings haven't stopped yet.  I hope that even in this situation that our family can be a blessing to others as well!

"Shiloh" - interpreted variously, as "the Messiah" or as the city "Shiloh" or as "Rest".  Even in all this all this chaos, we can rest knowing that he is in control.  We know that our rest comes from Him as well.  

"Asaph" -- in the Hebrew language means "God has gathered".  I could write a whole blog post on just this word.  In fact, maybe I will one day but for now all I will say is that He has gathered us together, as one body of Christ, from all over the country.  He gathered his people solely because he cares for us.  Wow!  

All I can say is WOW!  

What a sweet burnt corner of a page in HIS WORD! 


We will be moving to Guthrie, OK Saturday.  I have always hated moving.  I'll tell ya this... when everything you own fits in your car it's not that big of a deal :)

Thanks again for all of your prayers and support!  We feel so loved!


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