Wednesday, August 29, 2012

LEGOLAND trip part One (and a Donation Update)

Have I mentioned we have some of the best friends in the world?  They treated us to a weekend away, just the four of us.  

Friday, we picked up Tobin from school and headed to pick up the rental car that was reserved for us.  Both of our cars are on the fritz these days, but they are paid for so we just make it work.  Our friends didn't want us to worry about our car breaking down, so they rented us a car. The car they had reserved wasn't there, so the rental company upgraded us to a Chrysler 300.  We felt like celebrities driving down the interstate!

We hadn't been on the road 40 minutes and the car started sputtering, and stalled on the interstate.  Tony somehow got it started again and we got off the road.  We came to an intersection and the car stalled again!  This time, we couldn't get it started.  This fancy expensive car had an electronic start and we couldn't get it to turn over!  I was beginning to think I needed to get the kids out of the car (as to not be sitting in the middle of a busy intersection) when Tobin started praying out loud, "Dear Lord, please let this car start so we can get off this road.  Please keep us safe Lord. Please get us to LegoLand."  Just then, the car started and we pulled off the road into a restaurant parking lot.  The car stalled again as we were trying to park.  After numerous calls to the rental company they informed us it would be 2-3 hours before they could bring us a new vehicle.  We ate some Mexican food and waited for our new car.

A couple hours later they brought us a car.  It was a much smaller compact car, but at least it was a running car!  We got everything transferred over and got the kids buckled in.  Just as we were about to pull out of the parking lot, Caroline threw up all over herself.  Oh. My. Word. Seriously?  We drove to the pharmacy, cleaned her up, and stocked up on medicines.  She had a fever and obviously was not feeling good at all.  We prayed for our safety, and Caroline's healing and off we went.  Finally, we were on the road at almost 9:30!

We arrived at our hotel at about 12:30am. The kids were wiped out.  They snoozed soundly as we carried them in and put them in bed.  Don't they look peaceful?


The next morning, Caroline was without fever!  She felt better so we got up and got ready to go to LegoLand.  The rental car company contacted us and told us to bring the tiny car to the nearest location and they would switch us out for a bigger vehicle.  


We did just that!  We ended up getting a mini van with a DVD player! Yippee! The kiddos were so excited!

  Off to LegoLand we went!

Can you tell how excited they were when we arrived?

 Look at the big Lego man we had to walk through to get into the door? How fun is that?

I'll upload some more pictures of the rest of our fabulous Saturday on the next post.


We have received many donations from people, some we don't even know.  We have received some amazing things.  Some we cannot use due to duplicates, or wrong sizes, etc.  I just want you all to know that tomorrow a big truckload of donations (ones that we cannot use) will be going to Luther to help the other fire victims.  Please know your donating is not in vain.  Our children know what it's like to loose everything and are going through their toys to give to children who are still in need. We may be in need, but others are as well.  Losing everything has made us realize that we don't need as much as we thought we did before.  Thanks again for all the donations, prayers, and support!

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