Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stay "Konnected"

Wednesday was a day with a lot of "firsts".  It was the day of Tobin's first haircut, by an actual hair stylist.  My good friend Kimberly drove a car load of goodies from Luther to our new home on Wednesday.  I told her that my hair clippers and hair cutting scissors burned, and it just so happened that she had her clippers in the car!  What a coincidence ;)  She cut Tobin's hair in our kitchen.  (don't mind the messes in the background).


Caroline was so cute watching.  I LOVE this sweet face!

Kim's youngest sweetie was watching intently too!

Sweet friend. Sweet memories. Sweet blessings.  Sweet day.

Wednesday evening we went to church. It was the season's start up of Konnect-- Bible based curriculum for kindergarten through 4th graders.  It was Tobin's first time to participate.  He was so excited, he could hardly stand it! Here he is with his buddy Zaine and his teacher, Mrs. Martha.

I actually got to see the closing prayer of class that night, lead by my sweet big boy!  It brought tears to my eyes hearing those sweet words:

"Dear Lord, thank you for this beautiful day and fun time we had at Konnect.  Keep us all safe and help us enjoy our night. We love you Lord, Amen".  ~Tobin

Here he is in his new shirt! They can earn patches as they learn verses every week. I'm sure I will be posting lots of updates on this process.

I leave tonight with a thought that I have gathered over the last couple weeks, since the fire.  I have realized that we must stay connected to our friends, family, and most importantly, our Savior.  It is impossible to stay in a state of peace without staying connected to our heavenly father.  It would have been impossible for us to make it through the last couple weeks without the help of family every day, just as it would have been inexplicably hard to survive without the generosity from friends, and church family.  My play on words tonight is fitting with Tobin's first night at Konnect, and our connections through the Holy Spirit. 

Stay Konnected to be in peace, so that our true Joy may be evident to all we come in contact with.


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Lea said...

You & Tony have done a great job living out what you preach of being Konnected with Christ & community.

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