Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Glimpses of Love Everywhere

There are glimpses of love all over my home. I love Valentine's day.  Tony and I started dating 12 years ago, this Valentine's day.  It's a fun day to remember back to where our relationship started.  I'm not one of those "get out the big pink and red tub and decorate for Valentine's" type of people, but I do like to add my own little touches to the fun holiday.  This year, it's not like we had a bunch of heart stuff lying around ready to showcase for Valentines day, so I got creative.

January's Warmer of the Month was perfect.  I added two little birds that I already had. We will call them love birds. 

When the fire happened, people gave us all kinds of things. Some were fabulous.  Some were, well... let's just say we donated them.  And some were fun things that I stowed away for later. Like this sign.  It's not really my style, but it's Valentines day right? It's hanging on the kids bedroom door and they love it!
 My Aunt Carol sent me this table runner in Caroline's birthday package.  I LOVE it!  I'm a table runner kind of girl! You can't really see them in this photo, but there are Red Plate Chargers (that my mom gave me) on the table. We like our paper plates to be fancy like that, on Chargers. 
 There may or may not be tissue paper pom-pom's hanging in my dining room still, left over from a Princess Tea Party (*ahem 2 weeks ago* That I still need to blog about). The colors work for Valentines right?

Tomorrow I'm having my Scensty Team Meeting at my house.  Aren't these little buckets cute? Giving is one of my life's greatest pleasures, and I LOVE spoiling my Scentsy girls! So, these buckets are filled with a little bit of love, just for them!

Okay, you know I had to sneak in a pic of my two favorite little LOVES right?  They were looking all Valentine-E in their red and white so I had to snap a pic.  Aren't they cute?
 This is my Valentine's display.  Now, let me tell you I spent not a single penny on this.  I added the red burlap to my burlap bow at Christmas and well, let's face it, it works for Valentines Day.  Red, Comfy Cozy Scentsy warmer, and just a Vase someone gave me that I put branches in (clipped from trees in the backyard).
 I wanted to hang something that looked like love, so I whipped out some little stuffed hearts and hung them with ribbon. They aren't the best thing I've made, but for 10 minutes of work, not too shabby.
 Tobin made this heart ornament at Christmas of himself and his sister.  I just had to keep it aside for Valentines Day.  It was my inspiration for this little display.  Sweet, huh?  The other red glitter hearts are recycled Christmas Tree ornaments.  I told you I didn't spend any money.  It just so happens red is on my Christmas Tree too.  Get creative people!

I Love this Thrifted chalkboard. I use it for so many things. I pretty much move it around my house and write different things on it because, let's face it, that's what it's for! Ha! ... and I love these little birds.  They are super tiny (which you can't really tell in the picture) but I just love them! I turned them towards each other.  They make me smile every time I walk by.
 This wreath is a homemade wreath.  The grapevine was wrapped around my Christmas tree (pulled from outside- not kidding) and when I took my tree down I just used twine and made me some grapevine wreaths. I'm a sucker for wreaths!  I know... it's a disease. I'm working on it.  These two little foam/feathered birds were on my Christmas Tree too. Are you starting to see a trend?  I took a piece of Fabric and wrote (with a Sharpie) "Love Birds".  High tech, huh?  But, it works.  I love how effortless it looks (and really is).  It's on our Master Bedroom Door.
 Okay, last wreath (for this post anyway).  I promise.

I had the kids make me some hearts and put them on our wreath with tiny wooden clothespins. Today we got a Valentine in the mail from my Mom and I added it.  It's kind of like a Christmas Card wreath, but with Valentines.  Okay, I'll stop talking about Christmas.  Good grief!

Close up of one of Caroline's.  It has her and Tobin on it.  My kids-- I tell ya, the are best friends and worst enemies, but more about that on another post.
One of Tobin's was a butterfly.  He said, "mom, I put your favorite pattern on here".  I may or may not have a lot of Chevron (earrings, pillows, leggins, etc.). I'm not ashamed, I Love it! ha!

Did this get your creative juices flowing?  Everyone can have a little LOVE around their house too!  What did you think of? I'd LOVE to see it! Post your link below.

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