Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome Home!

This morning my platelet count was 123,000! A true miracle for the third day! God is working his hardest to perform healing. I know now that am truly blessed to be alive. My nurses told me today they had never seen a patient with such a low count. Wow, glad they didn't tell me that the first night, I may have had a brain bleed with worry (in all seriousness)!

I want you all to know that I was pumped full of IVIg, steroids, and other powerful drugs today to keep my platelets rising. I got home about an hour ago, and was welcomed by my kids and wonderful friends that had dinner ready, a clean house, and a welcome sign.

Thank you to all that prayed, visited, all the comments on Twitter(@rachelcobb), facebook, and on my blog. Thank you for all the cards and goodies. I am truly blessed by my heavenly father to be able to breathe fresh air again, and be surrounded by great family, friends and loved ones that care so much for me!

Here's what my future entails:

ITP is a disease that I will have to learn to live with. We are still unsure of a lot of the details. I will be on steroids for several weeks. Thursday, they will check my levels again and if my platelets are continuing to rise, they will wean me slowly off of the steroids. If my platelet counts stays normal, I will be considered in remission. This is a disease that I will most likely live with for the remainder of my life. I am sensitive to illness and rough activities, but pretty much can live a normal life-at least that is what we are hoping for. I will be talking more about daily future life on Thursday at my appointment. Right now, we are just trusting God to get me well, my counts up, and keep me free from illness. As I am typing this, I am feeling strange from the IVIg, and ramped up from the steroids.

Pray for... rest(not easy to sleep with steroids), protection from illness(I am more susceptible to getting any kind of virus-it will put me back into the hospital), my platelet counts to rise, and getting to a state of remission, quickly.

We are trusting God, and know that his pleasing perfect will is always good. Thank you for the continued prayers and support!

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