Monday, October 19, 2009

ITP Update

They drew my labs this morning and my platelet count was 53,000! That is officially out of high risk! Praise the Lord! I have to keep it easy, and get my platelets up to at least 120,000 before I can go home. We are praying that tomorrow afternoon I can go home! I will have to continue steroids for at least 8 weeks. However, we are hoping this means I will be in remission. We know that God is in control. We totally trust him, but are praying for a quick recover and remission. Thank you for your prayers, comments, and love.


Nicole Knox said...

Thanks for the update. We are still praying=) I tried to text you last night but think I might have the wrong number. Love you girl!

Charles said...

Rachel, you are the most wonderful mom to your sweet children and the perfect 'preacher's wife'...I know God has much more in life for you to do, so He will take care of you.

Altough, He has ways of making us slow down to 'smell the roses'!
Get your rest so you can go home soon....then take it easy! I know Diane is happy that she can be there to help and you are blessed to have her. Wish I was closer to give her a break.

I sent a prayer request to our church prayer warrior list, so your name went out to at least a couple hundred people. ...all praying for your quick healing.
love and prayers,
Teresa P.S. Tell Diane I said hello and for her to give you a hug from me! [I love your website!]

Rachel Cobb said...

THanks Nicole, and Teresa! God is working hard... I'm ready to get out of this hospital!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you RACHEL!! I had a great time visiting you last night in the hospital & didn't realize how blessed I am to be friends with such an amazing women of God (you!). I LOVE you, I am praying for you, and I thank God for continued healing for your body right now. I can't wait until your back home & doing well so we can enjoy some "non-corded" girl time! lol. Praying for your futre doctors visits as well... I'll see you soon sweet girl! Get some rest & enjoy those peanuts! :)

Love, Kim Martin:)

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