Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Disney On Ice!!!

We were blessed with Tickets to the State Fair and Disney On Ice! I can't tell you who bought them for us, but I can I tell you it's some of the most fun our family has ever had!?!
I'm having trouble with blogger, so my pics are out of order. Oh, well... you can get the effect. It was amazing, and the pics do NOT do justice! We had a fabulous time!

I didn't get any pics of Tinkerbell from our seats, so I uploaded one from the Internet. you don't think that's a posed picture, do you? :)...

The Lion King!


The Little Mermaid and Eric Dancing away...(She's not toppless, just can't tell she has a top on from the pic, oops)

He was so excited, right before we went in...

Tony and Caroline

Cotton candy came with a lightning hat! how exciting!

Tobin's first cotton candy!

Then, the cars came out!!! Look at the expressions on both their faces!

Mickey and Minnie!
We were all fascinated!

The Little Mermaid!

Lion King

Posing for a photo before we left!

Thanks for blessing us! We had an amazing time! Tobin will never forget it!
Below is a video of the beginning of Disney on Ice and Tobin's reaction... priceless!
The second video is of Lightning McQueen's big entrance-exciting!

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