Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Platelets are producing!

I just wanted to update everyone...

Today I went in for my weekly Labs. My platelet count today was 249K! I went 5mg down on the steroids this week and my platelets went up 20k! Praise God! This was the first time that I went down on the steroids, and my platelet count didn't go down. This is great news! This means my body is producing platelets again, and we are trusting God fully for healing. Keep praying for full remission!

on another note: I thought this was great! the Platelet Disorder Support Association has really helped me understand my ITP and has so many great resources of support. I thought this was funny: A stress ball that is shaped like a platelet. What's so funny about it you ask? Stress causes your platelet count to go down. Teehee! I told Santa I need one for Christmas... we will see.

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