Friday, November 13, 2009

ITP update and requests

Monday I went in because I had some more bruising and they ran my labs again just in case to check my platelet levels. My platelet count was 234K which was 100k less than last Thursday, just 4 days before. My count was still in the normal range, so they weren't concerned and sent me home. Today I had a check up with my Hematologist and he had them run my labs again just to make sure everything was still normal. My platelet count today was 227K. Only 10K less than Monday. Since they've been weaning me off the steroids pretty quickly, my doctor thinks that is what caused the huge jump last week. He is pretty positive about my platelet count leveling off and staying within normal range. There is still no way of knowing for sure that my counts will stay in the normal range as the steroid mg that I'm on keep going down. However, we are praying and trusting God for the important word "remission". I am continuing to go in weekly for blood tests and will update then.

My biggest daily obstacles are all the side effects from the steroids. My face is so swollen and round with little tiny pimples all over(although just cosmetic and should go away once I'm off of them completely). Weight gain is frustrating considering the last 9 months all I've been trying to do is get healthy and loose weight...which now I feel has all been in vain. I have lots of energy most of the day, but cannot sleep at night when my body is physically tired. That's the worst part- needing to sleep when I cannot. I know I have no right to complain, considering that these steroids are saving my life and I am so blessed to actually be alive at all. Forgive me, I guess I just needed to vent. All you ladies know that how we look and feel about ourselves affects our daily lives. I guess I just don't want these things to bother me. Maybe that's a prayer request-that these side effects won't matter to me.

Tobin is back in pull-ups again, and refusing to go to the potty. This whole things has really affected him. He is needing more attention every day. He is insecure every time I leave him with a babysitter, and even Tony. He is afraid I will go to the hospital again. Please pray that peace will overcome him and his sweet little sensitive self won't worry about his mommy.

Thank you for keeping up with me on this journey. We are praying that it will all be over with sooner than later(especially with $50 co-pays adding up quickly). We are continuing to pray for God's ultimate and permanent healing and trust him for my full recovery. Thank you for continuing to pray for my healing, our family, our finances, and daily life.

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