Thursday, November 12, 2009

1st Happy Bathtime

Since Caroline was born, she has HATED bath time! Every time she gets in the bath, she screams bloody murder! I am not exaggerating one bit (just ask my mom about when she gave her a bath when i was in the hospital last). I have tried everything- baths in the sink, taking baths with me in our big tub, in the bathroom sink, in the baby bath, in the big bath with Tobin... and she still hates the water.

Tonight for some reason she didn't scream. She had so much fun splashing around. I guess it took nine months, but she finally realized "If I'm gonna have to take these, then I guess I better enjoy it". I yelled at Tony to grab my camera, because I was not missing this opportunity for a decent photo. Maybe next time I'll get one of her smiling!

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