Friday, July 17, 2009

We ARE Alive...

Well, I have received many emails, facebook messages, and phone calls from concerned friends asking if we are "okay". Yes, folks.... we are surviving. We have just had a crazy month! okay, more than a month. So, this post will update you with a few things that have occurred in our lives the last month and a half, and be a preview of photos for the following posts. The grandmas are getting baby photo withdrawals. Thanks to everyone who was concerned about us and our month of no blogging. I will try to do better.

June 18th, through the 26th: the kids and I went on a road trip. We stopped for a few days in Arkansas and picked up my mom, Diane aka Nonny. We then traveled the 7 hour venture with one toddler and one screaming baby to see my grandparents (grandaddy and grammy) in Coffeeville Mississippi. We stayed a few days, then went to back to AR for a Naturals Baseball game(the new minor league team for NWArkansas).

My dad, Jon aka papa had surgery to remove the remaining Melanoma Skin cancer from his arm, and during the surgery they removed two lymph nodes to be tested. One of those lymph nodes came back with cancer cells. He had a PET scan done yesterday and we don't know the results yet. The scan should show whether or not(hopefully there are none) there are any cancer cells anywhere else in his body. He is scheduled for surgery at 4:00 on Monday to remove the rest of the lymph nodes on that side of his body. Please pray for no more cancer, and God's ultimate healing for my dad.

Yes, it wouldn't be summer without a trip to the zoo, pool, parks, and Frontier City. We have also enjoyed going to Tony's softball games on Monday nights. We have been super busy doing all these fun things while trying to keep our sanity.

Yes, I turned another year older(27, SSSHHH!!!) on July 2nd. We actually got a babysitter (thank you Mimi!) for the first time since Caroline was born, and went to a matinee movie and Dinner by ourselves. It was terrific!

Tony and I are down a combined 65 pounds since April. We have been really working on getting healthy. A new lifestyle. After I got back down to pre-pregnancy weight, I have dropped 4 pant sizes and have to admit that I'm pretty proud of myself... and OF COURSE my handsome husband, too. We are continuing to work hard.

I also cut my hair off, above my shoulders, and L-O-V-E it! I feel like a new woman!

Caroline turned 5 months old... Wha? I know, crazy! She has also been eating Rice cereal and other yummy foods!

Tobin pooped on the potty today, and we are working hard to be in big boy underwear. If your prayer list is short, you might wanna pray for me during this time ;) We are so proud of him!

Our church started it's At The Movies series, which is our big bring in series each year. Our campus(our family included) spent a whole week decorating it like Jurassic Park. It is truly amazing. God is doing great things through this series!

We have been trying to steadily adjust to life with two kids. I have to admit- I did not think it would be hard. Needless to say, I have had to force our life back into something kind of like normal- a NEW normal.

We are truly blessed and Thank our Lord above for his hand upon our lives. We are continuing to pray for our future, and that God will lead us every minute, day, week, and month. Thanks for keeping up with our lives. Enjoy the next few posts of photos... whenever I can get them all up!

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Kyndal said...

So glad you're back! You and the kids look beautiful, and it sounds like you've had a fun (but trying) couple of months. Praying for your daddy and for your sanity as you continue the potty-training adventure!

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