Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coffeeville Memories

The following photos were taken on our trip to Coffeeville MS to see my grandparents. What a fun place to visit with lots of fun memories. The house we stayed in was the first house in Coffeeville to have electricity, and the same house that my grandmother was born in! It is the house we came every year when I was a kid. LOVE THAT OLD HOUSE! I will one day cherish these photos of my babies in this home. Enjoy!

The old porch swing

Tryin to get a good photo of Me and my Tobin boy in one of the rockers on the front porch.

These stacking barrells were my grandmothers when she was a child. 4 generations have played with them!

This was my favorite toy when I was a kid, and still is as an adult. Tobin was thrilled with the marble coaster. I'll add a video soon of him and his excitement.

Tobin and Grandaddy on the Tractor.

Tobin fell off the bed one night, and this was him... falling asleep with the ice on his head.

Caroline in her shades ready for some sun.

Caroline spent lots of time in this old stroller. Whatever made the princess happy ;)

Family baseball

playing the candyland castle game. Boy oh boy, did Tobin have a blast with that!

family pic on the swing

stackin up the tower

Hangin out on the glass porch

Going to get in Grandaddy's old ford. Tobins first time in a convertible!

He got to ride in the front, since there isnt any airbags! So fun!

Nonny in the back seat

top view of him riding. So cute!
Grandaddy's reflection in the mirror.

Mom had made this window for my grandparents years ago. I took a photo of it for me. Isn't she talented? Photos do not do justice to stained glass!

Caroline spent hours in this glyder on the back porch. Poor Caroline was not happy on this trip.
Grandaddy's turn to rock Caroline

Takin a bath together in the old footed tub.

Had to get a photo of Snowball, the cat, taking his turn in the stroller. So funny!

dueling harmonicas. haha!

about to knock down the tower...
There it went!

Then it was time to go home! We missed Daddy so much on this trip, but had a wonderful time. Thanks for cooking such yummy food and spoiling us Grammy and Grandaddy! We miss you so much!

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Brie said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun! Looking at these pictures sure does bring back a lot of memories of summertime as kids. I think my favorite toy was the marble coaster too, and the barbie board game, remember that? Hopefully soon we will be able to take Kinsey there for a visit.

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