Friday, July 17, 2009

Trip to Arkansas

The drive to Arkansas was soooooo beautiful! Check out the clouds! Looks like a painting, huh!?

Tobin found The Incredible Hulk Hands in Uncle Nathan's old room. You can guess what happened next!

All night long... even Papa joined in!
Caroline rolling around on the same blanket I rolled around on!

Helping papa in the garden!

Nonny and the kids in the garden

Tobin playing with bubbles!

more Bubbles!

Papa and Caroline

Pickin' blueberries

Tobin did a great job picking the big blue ones, and leaving the little green berries on the bush!
Mmmm... homemade blueberry pie! Worth all the hard work!

At The Naturals game. They were waiting for us!

Aunt Serina, Caroline and Me... trying to watch the game in the HOT HEAT!

Only in Arkansas... would they shoot a civil war cannon before a baseball game. Sssheeesh!
The Sasquatch (mascot)

Papa, Nonny, and the Tobster

Wiping off the plate with a swiffer duster! Ha!

Sweet girl!

Uncle Collin with Caroline

Getting some relief with a drink!

They had a petting zoo at the game... go figure!

baby razorbacks!

Staring at the animals!

playing in the mist machine with uncle collin!

Tobin playing on the cannon!
Caroline gave up and went to sleep!

The whole gang!

Papa, Caroline, and Tobin in the mist

Videos of Tobin playing in the mist. So funny!

We had a great time! However, we were so excited to go home!

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