Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monkey Blessing

This morning, Tobin and I went to Kohl's to run some Christmas errands. We were standing in line to check out and they had the usual $5 stuffed animal display. I hate it because every time we go, Tobin begs for whatever animal is there. Anyway... He named the different animals, and the sounds the animals make, then he said "Tobin's?" "Pwease?"
I said, "No buddy, not today"
He said, "Pweeeease?"
I again said, "I'm sorry Tobin, not today"
The older woman standing in front of us said, "I would love to buy one for him."
I said, "No. Thank you very much, but we don't need one."
She then responded, "I would like to bless you today, if you would let me."
Well, what was I supposed to say?
I said, "Of Course" and thanked her wholeheartedly.
Needless to say, Tobin was thrilled! I am in a very fragile emotional state now(those who are around me often understand what hormones have done to my body). I cried, of course.
Thank you woman, whoever you are!
Thank you, Lord for blessing us today! It's amazing what a mere $5 can do for a child!


Kyndal said...

Aww, he made a good choice, too! :) You know I hear you on the fragile emotional state. Thanks for being an encouragement to me! I love and am praying for you guys, as well.

Anonymous said...

What a darling picture of Tobin and Curious George! What a wonderful lady. I know God blessed her more than the monkey did Tobin, even.

Anonymous said...

How great it is when it seems that most people around the holidays get mean and hateful...and just for a brieft moment...God came down and said...I love you and I love Tobin...

Anonymous said...

I love this story!

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