Monday, December 15, 2008

Dumb Things People Say To Me, the Pregnant Woman

I thought I'd write down a few of the quotes people have been saying to/asking me lately. For the record, I have gained 9 lbs, and I'm 33 weeks along. I'm just sayin...

"You are so cute, when are you due?" After telling them, they respond, "Wow!
You're really big already!"

my thought- wow, you sure know how to make a preggo feel bad about herself.

"Are you having twins?"
my thought-nope, but thanks for making me feel fat

"How are you standing up?"
my thought-ugh, with my feet genius

"Will I get that big when I'm pregnant?"

my thought- gee, I don't know... will you be this rude when you're pregnant?

"Your belly is Huge!"

my thought- well, I am carrying a person inside my body

I just thought I would state for the record that I'm not bitter at all. I just thought maybe you'd think these people were as "smart" as I thought they were. I mean, what makes people say stuff like this? Do they think it will make me feel "good" about myself. Do they walk away and feel bad about it? Not one person has apologized after saying one of these things. I take it all in stride, and have a good laugh. Afterall, I am very blessed! Hope you have a good laugh too!


Anonymous said...

Shake the dust off your feet (even though you can't see them...hehe). When all is done, you will have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, and they will still be rude and stupid! Have a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

Oh it is getting so close...I think you look great for caring one of Gods children inside you. I mean come on...I don't know if I have ever said anything to upset you but if I did...I am sorry...The only time I have seen you not well would be at the beginning of this all...ever since I only have seen the happy, positive person you are....Love you!!!!

Kyndal said...

Seriously? I can't believe some of those words have come out of people's mouths. Thank goodness you are the wonderful, forgiving person that you are...otherwise they would be in trou-ble!
For the record, you are a BEAUTIFUL momma. :)

misti said...

sorry that is too funny - sometimes people are just ugh!!
anyway you are beautiful!!!

Emily said...

Those people are horrible! I'm shocked at what they would say. But your thoughts afterward are cracking me up! I'm so glad you don't listen to them--you look GREAT! And you're a wonderful mom! Not much longer!

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