Monday, December 22, 2008

The Countdown to Baby Girl Begins...

I went to the doctor today and everything went wonderfully. My blood pressure was 116 over 68, and I was down one pound! Yippee! I have to gloat for a moment and tell you that I am very proud of myself, especially in this holiday time, for watching my calories and making good choices. Okay, now that I stepped off my soap box... The countdown starts! My Doctor officially scheduled my c-section today! That's right- if I don't go into labor first, she will come on February 5th! I was kind of hoping he would do it the week before, but I'm okay with it. So, I have 6 weeks and 3 days until her arrival... unless she decides differently. Considering how I was induced 41 weeks with Tobin I am guessing she won't decide to come early. I guess we will just see.

Tonight is the Christmas party for our Northwest OKC campus staff/wives. I am super excited about it. I wish I wasn't so exhausted, but I AM eight months pregnant ;) Tomorrow starts all the festivities for Christmas eve- service number one at 7pm. Come join us at if you want to see a great service! I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas week. I must force myself to enjoy everything, and not stress out. After all, I don't think baby Jesus would be stressing out about all the things we stress over during Christmas week. MERRY CHRISTMAS WEEK! Make some great memories with your friends and families!

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