Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Faith of a Princess

Today I took my shopping buddy to Walmart  a popular retail store.  Caroline loves going shopping with me, and does very well helping me out.  Sometimes she walks and helps put things in the cart and other times she rides in the front.  Sometimes she loves to ride in the back of the cart and organize everything I put in it-- Just like her momma, she loves to organize! ha!

Today I had a lot on my plate to do and wanted to get out of there quickly.  I had a list and I was stickin' to it.  Caroline wanted to bring her little Barbie ballerina in the store with her.  I told her it wasn't a good idea because she might loose it.  Now, this isn't any Barbie doll.  It was so much smaller than a regular sized barbie-- I'm talking tiny.  Maybe 3 inches tall.  She had won it in an Easter BINGO game yesterday at a friends house and loved this little barbie doll!  She has carried it around since yesterday.  With that in mind,  I could feel a fit coming on and since it was before nap time,  I chose not to have that battle, and let her take it in the store.  She promised she would hold on to her (the barbie of course) the whole time and not lose it, and on we went inside.

I'm on a roll.  I'm making good time shopping.  I'm almost done with my list and out of nowhere Caroline starts screaming and crying hysterically.  I have no idea what she could be carrying on about. I honestly thought some insect had stung her or something.  Then it hit me.  The Barbie was gone!  OH. MY. WORD.  What on earth was I going to do?

We went up and down the isles and backtracked. No sight of it.  I went to customer service and asked if someone had turned it in.  I even desperately searched the toy aisle's for a new one.  I know, not the smartest parenting move.  Like I said, I was desperate.  I knew this would affect our entire day, and maybe week.  If you know my dramatic daughter, you know what I mean.  Finally, I reluctantly headed toward the check out lines after grabbing the last couple of items from my list.  We were waiting in line and Caroline said, "Mommy, can I pray for my Barbie?"

"Okay. That sounds like a good idea." I replied. I mean, what was I going to say?  No?  I don't think so.  I'm a prayer warrior and I pray about things out loud with my kids all the time.  So, I let her pray from her heart.

"Jesus, please bring my Barbie back to me and please help her not to be broken.  Amen." She said in her sweet little voice.  I wanted to cry.  I told her that sometimes I pray for things and they don't happen, but God is Good and cares about us and wants us to be happy, even if our prayers don't get answered. She knew what I was saying and loudly replied,
"NO, mommy! Jesus can give it to me again! He can see everything and he knows where she is"

OH MY GOODNESS. I was in trouble!  I bought our items and we headed to the car.

I loaded all the groceries in the car and went to strap Caroline in her car seat.  She didn't want to get strapped in.  She said, "We can't leave yet! Jesus didn't give me my Barbie back yet."

My heart immediately sunk. I knew I had to explain why he hadn't allowed us to find it.  I thought that I would just call my friend and see where she bought it, then I would replace it later this week and not let Caroline know I bought a new one.  I know, that's really low.  What would you have done?

Well, I strapped her in and walked around the car to push the cart to the cart corral.  As I pushed my cart in the corral I said a prayer for wisdom to flow from my mouth as I explained to Caroline on the way home why we hadn't found the Barbie.  When I turned around there was a gray haired lady there who I had noticed earlier.  She had walked quite a distance to put her cart away.  I looked up at her and smiled and said, "There aren't many cart corral's here are there?"  She smiled back and said, "NO, there aren't enough." Then she asked, "Your little girl didn't lose a little doll did she?"  and she reached in her pocket and pulled out Caroline's Barbie doll.  She said, "I picked it up and thought I'd see someone with a little girl and asked if they dropped it."

I know what you're thinking.  I was in shock too!  I was overjoyed and thanked her tremendously and told her she had saved the day!  With a sigh of relief and an audible thanks to God,  I walked around the car and opened the door and said, "Look what I found!"

Caroline didn't even act that surprised as she replied, "See mommy! I told you He would find it!"

She had such faith, and God delivered.  He cares about the little desires of our hearts, even a four year old little girl's heart.  I think God did this today to strengthen my faith.  Just when I needed a little nudge, a reminder, and something to be thankful for, He delivered.

Psalm 37:4 

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

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P.D. Storkson said...

That's AWESOME! God is SO Good! There's so much to be learned from our kids. Thanks for sharing this :-)

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