Friday, January 11, 2013

Student of the Month!

 Today Tobin was chosen as the Bluejay Student of the Month.  We are so proud of him!

When school started this year, we had several days of getting on Red at school.  What is Red?  Well, every day the kids start on Green at school.  Green = good Blue = great Yellow = Excellent.  Red = note home to parents.  You get the picture?  I thought you would.

After the "red" days, I had several conversations with Mrs. Abbott (his amazing teacher) about his behavior.  I told her that even thought his home burned down (1 week prior to school starting) that I didn't want bad behavior from him to be justified.  We have really worked on getting into a routine, planting roots at home, and encouraging, and praising him for good behavior at school.   If he got on Red, we just didn't talk much about it.  We didn't want the attention given to the bad choices/behavior.

One of the great things that makes Tobin different than most kids is he is very selfless and compassionate, most days.  He is very sensitive to other kids around him and makes sure everyone else is okay.  When he earns prizes or candy, he always half's it, or gives it to his sister instead of him keeping it for himself.  He has such a sweet heart.  Once he got over the scared, insecure, and sad stage of grieving after the fire, he really focused on doing good at school. The highlight of my day every day is picking him up from school. I love seeing his sweet face when he comes out in the hallway to greet me.  His highlight of the day is telling me what color he got on each day!  Today we celebrated his achievement by bringing and eating lunch with him at school and going to recess with him and his friends. 

Tony is "Mr. Popular" on the playground!  He goes every Friday to eat lunch with Tobin.  All of his friends LOVE Mr. Tony! 

He received a certificate, and on the back was written:

"Tobin has shown compassion towards his classmates and is a very loving friend.  Tobin loves to be my special helper and I know I can always trust him to do the right thing! Way to go Tobin!!!"

We are so proud of our sweet boy!

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Kristyn said...

Way to go Tobin!!! What a special achievement! I know you are one proud Momma! :)

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