Saturday, September 1, 2012

Caroline's First Dance Class

Caroline had her first dance class today!  She has been begging to take ballet lessons for months.  I think it's all because of Ballerina Barbie.  Thank you Mattel!  I called a local Dance Company in our sweet little town and luckily, there was an open combination Ballet/Tap class today.  She told me to dress Caroline in a leotard, tights, and slippers- tutu's were fine too.  It was no coincidence that in some of the donated items we received, were those exact items in Caroline's exact size!  I have no idea who donated them, but if you are reading this- THANK YOU!  I took Caroline  this morning, just to see how she would do.  She did fantastic!  I'm afraid there's no going back now folks!
 Doing the "butterfly" stretches...

 Now it was time for tap shoes.  She LOVED tap! We didn't have any tap shoes, but it just so happened that one of the mommies there today had an extra pair of shoes that her daughter had outgrown and they were Caroline's size too! She was going to donate them to someone in need.  Ha! Some people would say that was a coincidence too.  Nope!  That was the holy spirit's work folks! He cares about the little things!  She wore her shoes all day long!

She was so happy and so proud of herself!  

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Six Dream Weavers said...

Hello! I stumbled upon your blog early this morning while feeding my 10 month old son. I had finished my quiet time and YouVersion devotional, and had decided to indulge a little on good ole Facebook. 3 of your blog posts greeted me at the top of my Android App on my Kindle Fire under the heading of Recent Articles. Long after my miracle Finn had gone back to sleep, I was still reading. I am so blessed by your story over the past few weeks. I live in Stillwater, OK and attend LifeChurch here. Our county has been hot hard by fires recently, too. My boss is the volunteer fire chief for a rural district in our county, so I get first hand accounts of all the tragedies. I had known of the Luther fires because of a friend from Luther, but hearing your personal journey and your faith being lived out really inspired me. Please keep blogging! I know what your mean about it being free therapy! We are emerging from a tough year, and my blog has been a real life saver for me. I will be praying for you and your sweet family. Enjoy Guthrie! I pass through every few weeks, and it is a great place. SO glad God led me to your blog today.

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