Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rainy Day in ... Spring?

At least, I like to believe that Spring is finally here!

Yesterday, it was raining all. day. long. I caught Miss. Caroline staring out the back door. I don't think she has every really noticed the rain before.

Can you see her reflection?

Can you see it in this photo?

Not sure what she thought as the rain poured against the door. She looked awestruck. Couldn't get a smile out of her...
About 2 hours later, I caught Tobin standing in the same position! So funny! This was not staged!
ugh oh, he caught me...

"Mom, it needs to stop raining so I can go play outside"

Yes, it was a dreary, depressing day. But today was soooooooo fantastic! Beautiful sunshine and cool wind. And look who peeked through the mulch to say hello?
*keep scrolling*

It won't be long, and sweet yellow daffodils will be smiling back at us! Spring is almost here!

I think we will go on a walk, now. Enjoy the beautiful afternoon!

1 comment:

Kristyn said...

That's so hilarious!!!!! Jayce stares out the window also asking to go and jump....i tell him that it's raining and he looks at me like "SO?!" Love those kids! Caroline is getting sooooo big! She's beautiful!

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