Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is It Here yet?

Yesterday we saw another glimpse of spring. We strapped the kiddos in the bike trailer and road a couple miles to the "big" park, as Tobin would like to say. He calls it "big" because there is a HUGE slide! I packed up a picnic and strapped on the new seat belt covers I made this week (so they would be more comfortable) and off we went...

They are both a little unsure of what is about to happen...

It was really windy, but we had a great time! What would a picnic be without Cheetos?

Then, off to the playground to run off some energy!

Caroline and I sat in the (dead and oh, so scratchy) grass and watched the guys play while we enjoyed some sunshine... finally!

Tobin found the Letter "T" . He was oh-so proud of himself!

I LOVE that little wrinkled up nose when she drinks from her cup!

Can you spy the biggest slide?
Such joy!

Beautiful Baby... all mine!

The boys... posing for a shot on the pirate ship! Tobin was the captain!

She is her Daddy's girl!

Hope all of you Oklahoma people enjoyed the Beautiful Day we had. You Texas friends... please do not gloat on your everyday sunny weather! (; Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy your family and the springtime that is soon arriving!

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