Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ear Piercing Day!

Waiting to get her ears pierced. Monday, April 27th, 2009.
Drawing the purple dot on the earlobe to get them in the right spot.

holding her head still

she did NOT like me holding her down...

Crying before she got it pierced... she hated being held more than the actual piercing

After the first hole was done.

all done... "What did you just do to me mommy?"
She stopped crying even before I got off the chair in the store. She didn't cry anymore after the initial piercing. She's a trooper.

* We did get full permission from our pediatrician before this happened.
She has been so good with them. She hasn't pulled on them, or cried, or fussed much at all. I am cleaning and taking care of them, and they look great! Yes, your comments are welcome!


Lulu said...
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Lulu said...

That baby makes the best faces!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the "What did you just do to me mommy?" face!

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