Sunday, April 5, 2009

Red Bud Classic

Today was so windy and cold! It was not the best day to run or walk a distance, that is for sure. However, we stuck it out and made it through. Tony ran the 5K in less than 36 minutes. I walked the 2 mile in less than 36 minutes. The kids and I crossed the finish line about 20 seconds before Tony. It was amazing timing!

I am so proud of Tony for running the whole 5K without stopping- he didn't start training to run until about 6 weeks ago. For those of you who know him, he was not a runner before this... at all! I cannot express how proud I am of my husband!

Tobin and Caroline were such troopers today. Caroline slept the whole time, and Tobin was bundled up in the front of the stroller. He waved at the passer-by's and just kept shouting "Race fast, Race fast" and "Find Daddy, Find Daddy!" I had explained that it was a "race" and we would find daddy when we got to the finish line. He did not once try to get out of the stroller, or whine or complain. Of course, Caroline did not either.

As my previous post stated, We dedicated our run to James Ryan. We had signs pinned to our back for James. As I walked today, I prayed for James and his sweet family. I ask for your prayers of continued healing for James in of support for the Ryan Family.

Before the walk started

Just starting up the hill- look at all the people!

About to cross the finish line

My 2 mile official time

Tony and John

Just after we finished the race

Tony and Dryden
Melinda, Tony, and Dryden (All 5K Life Church buddies!)

Tony's back- He ran the whole way for James!

Tobin and I, waiting in line for our free massage after the race

I had to get a photo of Tony getting a massage!

This photo was taken too soon, but I had to post it because Tony and Tobin are making the same facial expression, and they didn't even pose!

Riding the bus back to the parking lot

Caroline and I on the bus

Tobin asleep in the car on the way home

Caroline- wide awake in the car, taken from the mirror that was facing her.

At home, Tobin showing off his metal!
When we got home today, I asked Tobin about our day, and the metal around his neck. I captured it on video. It's pretty cute- but I AM his mom.

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Kim said...

You guys did awesome & I'm so proud of you! Loved all of the picures!! Also, Tobin is such a cutie pie on his video!! =)

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