Tuesday, April 7, 2009

becoming Easter Eggs

Tonight Tobin colored his first Easter Eggs. Aunt Carol sends us a set every year, but last year he was too tiny, so I did them myself. He had such an amazing time! There are 3 videos uploaded for your enjoyment after all the pics. I had taken several with hopes of ONE of them to post- I could not decide which one, so I posted them all. I know Nonny will probably enjoy the videos the most! Hope you all dye your Easter eggs and eat your yummy egg salad sandwiches this year. But, don't forget the "real" reason for Easter. We have been trying to instill that in Tobin's little brain. Not sure if he's getting it or not. Tonight we asked what Easter was about. We asked him what Jesus did for us on Easter. He said, "Baptised!" Well, either he's a genius, or he hasn't quite figured it out. We'll keep working on it. I'll update you all soon enough.

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Lorren Says... said...

So fun! I'm know Tobin loved it!

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