Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pregnancy Update (and other news too)

Hello!  Once again, it's been way too long since I've blogged.  Forgive me.  I thought I would give you a life update real quick before the busy Christmas season keeps us busy.

Pregnancy Update:
23 weeks
It's a GIRL!  We are so excited to be adding more PINK to our home!
Cravings: Spanish Olives, Pineapple, Ice Water, and Lemon Pepper (on almost everything).
I'm feeling pretty good these days.  No more nausea!
I'm enjoying being pregnant and trying to enjoy every second of my big kids while it's just the two of them.
She is moving a lot now and I love feeling her movement!

Kids Update:
Tobin is doing great in school.  We have dealt with our share of behavior issues this year, but we found out his eye sight isn't what it needs to be.  The teacher moved him closer to the front of the room, and we have an appointment scheduled with the Ophthalmologist next week.  We are thinking that the issue's we've been dealing with will be taken care of once he can see!  Guilty moment for me.  Why didn't I figure this out sooner? Sheesh!

Caroline is thriving in school.  She is the little teacher's pet.  Everyone loves her, and she knows it. Ha!  Today is her first day back at school after having Hives for 5 days.  What a miserable Holiday weekend for her!  We went to Arkansas for Thanksgiving to see my family, and I felt so bad for her!  She was itchy and miserable.  We still don't know what caused them.  The doctor was 100% sure they were hives, and not another type of rash.  He thought they were caused by a virus though, and not an allergy attack.  Hopefully they will stay away! 

We had to change her asthma medication recently, and her health and sleeping in general is so much more pleasant, so this Hive-like virus really took it out of me this last week.  I just hate it when my child is miserable! 

Scentsy is keeping me busy this Holiday season.  Scentsy makes the perfect Christmas gift, so I always get a lot of orders around this time of year.  I really love my job-- I love staying home and making money too!  My home will never smell bad.  :)  This is a pic of December's warmer of the month. It's 10% off and GORGEOUS! This photo does not do it justice.  You can check out my website here to find out more about Scentsy or to place an order.

I hope your Thanksgiving was blessed! Enjoy the Christmas season with your loved ones.  We will be spending lots of time together making memories!

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