Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween (and Mexican Chicken Soup Recipe) 2013

I'm sitting here eating leftover avocado from dinner, and a Butterfinger candybar.  I know, it sounds weird.  Don't judge me. I'm pregnant and that's what ya get! Ha!

Tonight, I made a yummy Mexican Chicken Soup for dinner.  I got the recipe here, from pinterest, and added my own flare to it.  We have lifegroup on Thursday nights and serve dinner, so I always love to do "one pot" meals. They make it so easy!  I made Mexican rice and we topped off the soup with avocado, cheese, and sour cream. It was quite tasty!  I now have a bunch left that I will freeze for another night that I'm too tired to cook.

We had a great night hanging out with friends.  After dinner, the men stayed here and handed out candy and invites (to to trick-or-treater's who happened to stop by.  The ladies took the kiddos down the street and around the block to knock on some doors.  It always makes me smile to watch the people come to the door and look at my cute kids.  I heard a lot of  "what a cute lady bug" and "Wow- Iron Man!"   

We all trotted back to our house and handed out more candy and invites to church.  Caroline sure did love giving the kids candy and invites.  She was mad when I put candy in the candy sacks.  She wanted to do it all herself.  We have a bit of drama in our little Miss. Independent.  She keeps it interesting around here.  While we handed out candy, Tobin took the time to sneak/eat more candy.  Oh dear, I'm surprised he even went to bed at all!

As I sit here, My amazing hubby is fixing our van.  We needed new brake pads, and some rod or something came loose on the front tire and something had to be replaced. I don't speak car language; the point is, he is fixing it all up.  I don't know what I'd do without that man!  I'm so thankful for him!

I'll leave you with some pics of my cute kids tonight.  Tobin wanted to be Iron Man again this year, which was great for me so I went with it.  Caroline wanted to be Snow White and then changed her mind to a lady bug at the last minute, so we scrounged up a Lady Bug Costume from the dress-up box.  If you're wondering why we are Christians who Trick-or-treat, here is a post I wrote last year. 

The kiddos are out of school tomorrow so we will be having a much needed family day! Yay! Enjoy your weekend!

She wore her tap shoes, with red pom-poms glued on them (temporarily).  Yes, we are transitioning to real shoes, without a walking boot! Yeehaw! (I need to do an update on her Kohler's Disease).

 We used last years bumblebee wings and hung them upside down for her ladybug wings.  She said ladybugs had to have wings... that's the best I could do on the fly.  Pun intended (-;

 There are actually two antenna's on this baby ladybug costume, but one was folded back in ALL the pictures. Oops!

Somewhere in the shuffle of last Halloween and moving this year, the attachable mask got misplaced. He didn't mind one bit!
 There was no staging in these photos.  I let the kids pose however they wanted! Can't you tell?

Enjoy eating your kids candy!  I know I will!

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