Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Tobin has been really cracking me up lately with the things he says and does. Well.... actually, he has always made me laugh! He's so smart and quirky! I love watching him learn and play. Today I did what I do often and played fruit basket turnover with the photos, mirrors, etc. on the walls. We've lived here almost 3 years and I get bored and like to mix it up. I'm rambling... Anyway, I moved a mirror into the front entryway and I saw him making faces in it. He had pushed his Thomas over there and had to stand on it to see himself. Have I mentioned Tobin loves mirrors? Those who are close to us know this fact. He has always loved looking at his reflection!

He caught me and gave me a grin!

Moments later, this is what I saw...
In his underwear.
Riding on Thomas.
Wearing his Cars backpack.
Holding his HUGe ball.
Going on a trip.
Oh. My. Goodness. I love this kid! (You probably knew that already!)
And yes, My son does own pants; however, since he's been potty trained he hates wearing pants. I mean, it is a lot of taking off and putting back on. All day long, I say, "put your pants back on". Oh well he is only three, right?

Speaking of Imagination....
Little Miss Sassy loves playing mommy! She is always lugging around a baby doll, sometimes the baby crib goes with her around the house. She holds the baby on her shoulder and rocks back and forth and sings. She has quite a personality herself! And, don't get me started on the cleaning. If you give her a baby wipe or napkin she will wipe the table, toy, or what/whoever is in front of her! Tonight she pushed around (while she crawled) our dust broom for quite a while! I LOVE her too! Here's a photo of her loving on one of her babies!

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