Sunday, November 2, 2008

Date Day

As most of you know, a pastor's salary isn't the largest around. In fact, Tony and I rarely spend money on ourselves to go on dates. This weekend was such a blessing to us! Our next door neighbors, Patrick and Dawn, had two extra tickets to the OSU game and asked us to tag along. Tony and I aren't huge OSU (Oklahoma State University) fans, but we couldn't miss out on this opportunity. These were not normal, football stadium tickets. These tickets were Indoor Club VIP tickets, with a VIP parking pass to go along with them. Inside the club, there were many buffets, concessions, Drinks, ice-cream, etc. all free for our enjoyment. It would be an understatement to say we had a great time. We had an amazing time! We feel so blessed to have opportunities like this. Here are some photos from our day...

Tony and I outside the stadium
Our VIP laminated ticket
Tony snapping a photo of ourselves in the stands

Dawn and me watching the game

Baby girl and me... she kicked and cheered in my belly!

Our view from the indoor club

Thanks for the wonderful time! Go Cowboys!
...and a big thanks to Mimi for watching Tobin for over 24 hours for us! We love you so much!

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