Monday, November 10, 2008

A Box Full of Fun!

I received a package in the mail on Saturday, and Tobin immediately grabbed the box to play in. He got inside of it. He put things inside, and pushed it around. He hid underneath it. He colored on it. He sat in it, he laid in it. You name it, he pretended it. What a blast he had! Here are some photos of him and the box from the last two days. The tv was never on, all he wanted to do was play in his box!

Saturday evening, still enjoying the box...

Sunday afternoon, coloring in/on the box.

Sunday night, after he went to bed... As you can see, the box it destroyed. He woke up this morning and wanted to play with it some more. Looks like we need a new box. Lol!

1 comment:

Kristyn said...

Toys are so over-rated!!! Jayce would rather play with trash than his own toys. Why do we spend money on these kids? ;)

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